Genetic part 1

Chickens are also food for the soul!!


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The colour of our chickens is NOT made of ONE gene but of SEVERAL genes.                                           They can be DILUTED or INFORCED.

These genes determine or inhibit the synthesis of pigments responsible for the colour of our chickens.      
The alleles of a gene are always in couple because for each chromosomes we have a couple of homolog chromosomes and on each of them can be present only one allele of the same gene. (exception the alleles of sex genes  of what the hen have only one, for ex. S/-) but we come to that later.
In general, when the alleles are written with a capital, it means that they are dominant, when with a small letter, it  means recessive.

"+" alongside of the letter show the original allele, that of the Bankiva chicken with the wild colour.           The way to read this "+" is for ex.  s+ = Non Silver, gold.  Or Lav+ = Non Lavender, pattern remains black.

For ex.  E/e+ = black!! What does this mean?  Why not simple E/E or just the word "black"?
Now we come to the "why" of genetics.  Because genes can take different forms in GENOTYPE.

E/e+ you have to understand it as  black colour present/NO black colour present.
E/E  you have to understand it as    black colour present/black colour present.

E/e+ = one doses black = the gene is in heterozygous.
E/E = two doses black = the gene is in homozygous.

The chickens inherit one allele of each gene from the mother and one allele from the father.                        
Bankiva partridge colour is the bases on wich all colours are made of and is the so called "WILDCOLOUR"!!


This is the compleet gentic formula (you can see all alleles are written with a "+" this means all original genes with no mutations):

e+e+ co+co+ db+db+ pg+pg+ ml+ml+ Cha+Cha+ mh+mh+ di+di+ Ig+Ig+ cb+cb+ i+i+ bl+bl+ Lav+Lav+ C+C+ Mo+Mo+ b+b+ s+s+ Choc+Choc+

Not be mistaken with the so called "wildcolour" in for ex. Germany the silkies wildcolour partridge:

ebeb co+co+ db+db+ pg+pg+ ml+ml+ Cha+Cha+ MhMh di+di+ Ig+Ig+ cb+cb+ i+i+ bl+bl+ Lav+Lav+ C+C+ Mo+Mo+ b+b+ s+s+ Choc+Choc+

Here you can see TWO mutations:

-  e+e+ became ebeb (because silkies are the aziatic/brown form)

- mh+mh+ became MhMh (this Mh = Magohany or dark red causes the darker version of the normal partridge)