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by Mevlan Shanaj
Albanian Feature film, 2003
105 min, 35 mm
English subtitles

After the fall of communism in early 1990s and the state collapse of 1997, a few people still live in an abandoned Albanian village. Families start falling apart because of emigration outside of the country. Liliana, a free spirited woman, is abandoned by her husband and so is her newly wed daughter Ana. As the village becomes emptier and the inhabitants are faced with dramatic events, foreign religion missionaries keep arriving. After her father and husband leave, Ana disappears. Liliana is left behind with the teacher, whom her husband always thought of as being Ana's father.

Cast: Elia Zaharia, Yllka Mujo, Mevlan Shanaj, Enver Petrovci, Bujar Lako, Kastriot Caushi, Vasjan Lame, Petrit Malaj, Kled Kapexhiu, Gentian Demaliaj, Zeqir Duraku, Ingvar Håkanson

Production: Zig-Zag Film & Albanian RTV
Distribution: Zig-Zag Film, Rr. Dibrës 198/1 Tirana, Albania

Natasha Lako
Director of photography:
Afrim Spahiu
Kujtim Laro
Alexander Simeonov
Joni Shanaj
Mevlan Shanaj