Toad and his story

   It was a hot and humid August evening when Tony and Eileen docked their sailboat at Port Superior Marina. They walked to the clubhouse to buy bottles of water but before they could put the money in the drink machine they noticed a very large toad on the ground. He was looking up.
    What was he looking at? He was looking at the insects that were drawn to the light of the machine. He could not reach them so Tony, kind soul that he is, plucked one of the insects and held it out to the toad. The toad took it with his sticky tongue and ate it! Many insects later, he left his meal ticket with no gratitude shown.
   The next morning Tony and Eileen came again to look for the toad. There was no toad to be found. They looked and looked but could not find him. "Where can he hide? Where can he be?" they wondered. However, that evening the toad again took up his seat waiting, or so it seemed, for another handout. 
    On the way back to Ladysmith, those words, "Where can he hide? Where can he be?" went around and around in Eileen's head and came out as a poem. It would be almost twenty years later that she found an artist who could paint those words into beautiful water colors. With no publisher to be found, they became Toad House Publishing and after that---Toad House, a place for the arts in Ladysmith, WI.