The Bakery @ Toad House

Bread—The staff of Life
   Our Breads are from a European tradition of both hearty and beautifully hand-shaped loaves made in small batches. Our Toad House Sourdough is a two-three day process of developing the starter with rye and whole wheat,; adding non-bromated, unbleached bread flour in stages to develop the gluten and the wild yeast; retarding the dough to develop flavor and texture; and ending by weighing the dough into portions, and hand rolling loaves one at a time, proofing, and baking.
   The German Brotchen is a tasty hard roll, delicious with salted butter or in sandwiches. The German-Austrian tradition was for the Haus Frau to purchase rolls, freshly baked, for a breakfast of brotchen, thinly sliced cheese and meat or butter and marmalade. Muffuletta and Viennese Brot are made in the same two day process as the Brotchen. In the second day the dough is weighed and shaped into large light Viennese loaves. German Kipfle are similar in look to the French Croissant, but with a richer, less greasy feel. The dough for kipfle is weighed and each piece is rolled very thin with a rolling pin, then hand shaped with a special technique. The shaped kipfle are placed on a baking sheet in a manner that prevents them from unrolling and finally each kipfle is carefully brushed with egg and milk wash, giving the kipfle its traditional shape and shiny finish. We bring our frozen kipfle out in the morning. place them on a cookie sheet and bake them for about 10 minutes at 350 degrees. We eat them plain, dip them in marmalade or honey, or dunked in our coffee. When the toads take a plane trip, they carry on a small bag of kipfle, some apple slices, and mini-belle cheese for a delicious lunch on the plane. 

German Brotchen
Ingredients: unbleached and non-bromated flour, water, rye flour, sour cream, starter, salt, yeast. Available fresh on bake days or frozen in packages of eight.
Sourdough Batards
Ingredients: unbleached and non-bromated flour, water, whole-wheat flour, rye flour, salt, starter. Approximate weight 640 grams. Sold fresh on the day we bake or frozen.

Sourdough Boules
Made from the same dough as our batards. We make 3 variations: A Cranberry-Walnut, an Olive Tapenade, and a loaf with Additional Whole Grains and Seeds. A Boule weighs approximately 550 grams

German Kipfle
Ingredients: unbleached non-bromated flour, milk, butter, eggs, sugar, salt, yeast. Keep refrigerated or frozen to extend freshness. May be warmed in oven or toaster oven, 350 degrees 5-10 minutes.

Viennese Loaf
Ingredients: unbleached and non-bromated flour, water, rye flour, starter, sour cream, salt, yeast. 

Sweet Breads—Strudels, muffins, sweet rolls bridge the delightful space between breads and desserts
Sweet Rolls
Ingredients: unbleached and non-bromated flour, milk, eggs, sugar, yeast, salt. 
We create five variations including a traditional cinnamon roll, a raison cinnamon roll, a pecan roll, a poppyseed roll, and our own family favorite-a roll named after King Ferdinand of Austria. It is said this was his favorite dessert, a sweet roll filled with a lemon and vanilla powdered sugar-butter filling.
We make muffins, strudels, and Czech Kolaches 

Desserts—Life is short, eat dessert first
Our German Tortes are from a family recipe that uses no baking powder or baking soda for leavening. The basic ingredients are flour, eggs, sugar, and vanilla but we also make nut and gluten-free tortes. Our tortes are typically made in three round layers filled with lightly sweetened whipped cream.  We make our traditional chocolate filling, a lemon curd filling, and a pineapple filling. Sometimes we create a raspberry or strawberry filling just to be a little different. You can purchase our tortes by the slice or take a whole torte home although you need to call ahead for a whole torte so we can make it fresh for you.
We give the name kuchen to most of our fruit filled cakes and have a rhubarb, an apricot, an apple, and a plum kuchen when the fruit is in season. As with all our bakery, we use fresh fruit most of the time and canned fruit that is canned in fruit juice, not corn syrup or sugar.
We bake both the traditional graham crust cheesecakes and a gluten-free crust using a gluten-free flour and nuts.. We have the traditional vanilla cheesecake, a mocha-mocha cheesecake, a lemon poppyseed cheesecake, and a summer lime cheesecake. 
We may be stuck on only one version of cupcake--the toad cupcake!  It is a rich chocolate cake hollowed out and filled with lightly sweetened whipped cream. To seal the deal, we use our chocolate ganache swirled on top and of course we sign our work--TOAD.  
We bake from European recipes and usually stock a few varieties of 'kipferl' namely the mohnkipferl (poppyseed) and nusskipferl (pecan or walnut). When we have homemade fruit jams thickened without pectin, we make marmalade Kipferl also. 
Our cutout cookies are usually toads and we vary our toads, sometimes nutty, sometimes glazed, sometimes with chocolate chips.
We have two almond cookies, one is a mild cutout cookie that we dust with powdered sugar and one is an oatmeal-almond drop cookie. 
We make 'peaches' an Eastern Europen cookie that really looks like a peach, complete with a nutty chocolate 'pit'.

Two meringue cookies we like are pecan meringues and 'flamingos'- a raspberry and chocolate chip sweet treat.

Tiramisu and Cream Puffs and E'claires
These three delights have no particular category but are lovely desserts, both regular and gluten-free.
But if you can't choose, and need a variety of treats, consider a treat platter!