The Biosphere


UNIT 1: Ecosystems and Ecology . Ecology is a fascinating, complex subject that studies living things in their environment. In this introductory chapter you will learn the basic concepts related to it.     

UNIT 2: Classification of living things. There is a great diversity of living things on Earth. This chapter  looks at their  classification,  and also describes the main features of the different groups.      

UNIT 3: Physical environment and adaptations. There is a close relationship between living things and the environment. This chapter deals with the  features of the physical environment and  adaptations to them by living things.    

UNIT 4: Matter and energy transfer. In an ecosystem, all the living things are linked with both the environment and other living things by their feeding practises. This chatper explains how the matter and energy are transferred from the environment into the living things.     

UNIT 5: Cycling nutrients through ecosystems. Living things need a constant supply of elements to make up their bodies. Those elements are constantly recycled in a process of life, death and decay, which is the subject of this chapter.

UNIT 6: Populations. Organisms of  any species living in the same environment maintain a close relationship between them. This chapter describes the different kinds of relationships and the constant change in numbers of individuals.      

UNIT 7: Community. In this unit we will look at the relationships that organisms of different species living in the same ecosystem can develop.                

UNIT 8: Biomes of the world. In this unit you will read about the great variety of ecological regions that we can find on Earth’s surface, as well as the organisms that inhabit each of them.   

UNIT 9: The impacts of human activity in the environment. Human activity is causing serious problems to the environment and is constantly endangering life itself on Earth. This unit looks at these serious problems and dangers. 


Oakwood ecosystem        


The Animal kingdom: Transcription of the DVD (Didavision 8, Animals and Plants)
The world of plants:    Transcription of the DVD (Didavision 8, Animals and Plants)
The other kingdoms:   Transcription of the DVD (Didavision 8, Animals and Plants))
Forests:                        Transcription of the DVD (Didavision 6, Ecosystems)
Marine life:                    Transcription of the DVD (Didavision 6, Ecosystems)
Pollution:                       Transcription of the DVD (Didavision 12, Environments and Progress)