About Alan Ziegler


My current focus is the interaction of law with the increasing pace of technologically driven change in business and society. I also advise non-profit educational and recreational organizations. 2015 UPDATE: I recently fully retired from private practice and restrict my current legal activities to advising non-profits.

[Prior to 2015] As a Director of the Institute of New Dimensions, an active member of the NJ Chapter of the World Future Society and a former Director of the Converging Technologies Bar Association, I have participated in conferences and workshops where I have been giving presentations and lectures on legal issues arising from emerging technologies. I have also acted as a guest lecturer in graduate level courses at Ramapo College. I helped incorporate and am legal counsel to the Brain Preservation Foundation ( Recently, I joined the legal advisory board of the Lifeboat Foundation (

I am the author of the final chapter, entitled "Regulation: Threat to Converging Technologies", of "Progress in Convergence: Technologies for Human Wellbeing", Volume 1093 of the Annals of the New York Academy of Science. I also authored an American Bar Association monograph on the provision of on-site legal assistance to prisoners.