What newcomers will learn with clarifications



Content-area Objectives

Learning Strategies

All content areas: begin to learn English words

Use visual and flashcards


All content areas: begin to learn English words

Use real objects


Language Arts: learn English letters and sound


Mathematics: learn English words for numbers

Use numbers in meaningful ways

Science: Learn English words for colors and shapes


Social Studies: Begin reading in English

Shared reading








Anything that you can visualize to help understand and process information.

Photos, videos, WebPages, illustrations, posters, models, graphs, charts, timelines, maps

Survival Vocabulary

Word required for performing basic operations in schools or other locations.

I need a pen.

Where is the cafeteria?

Where is my bus?

Real objects

Anything that maybe use to create connections with words and ideas, create conversations, and create background knowledge: aka realia

Pen, book, paper, desk, clothing, different foods, electronic equipment, musical instruments, plants, rocks, tools, utensils


Words or phrases in a rhythm and pattern that can be repeat several times

What time is it?

It’s 8:00!

What time is it?

It’s 8:00!

My books! My shoes!

I’m going to be late!


Think of ideas and ways to solve problems, sometimes with a group of people

You can brainstorm ideas such as:

·   Planning a party

·   Writing a story

·   Solving a math problem

Shared Reading

The teacher demonstrates reading a text along with how to use reading strategies.

Teacher can read aloud. Then disusses  the meaning of a word and asks for examples of items in that classroom that maybe related and/or how. The teacher then continues reading aloud, stopping to ask students questions  about the story.


Adapted Every Teacher's Toolkit Closing the Achievement Gap for English Learners.