Academic Vocabulary




  • Students need assists in comprehending academic vocabulary.
  • Wanting to assist ELL students in learning academic words.


  • Educate students on how to use academic words in context sentences.
  • Assist students with memorization and review academic words in a consistent way.
  • Allow the students to use academic words in meaningful ways, such as research, writing, and presentations.

Content-area Objectives

Learning Strategies

Language Arts

Context sentences 


Memorize and review


Internalize academic words

Social Studies

Use academic words in meaningful ways





Academic words

Words used for school work

Interact, evidence, environment, result, process, theory

You can use academic words in different classes, for example, result can be used in math, science and social studies


Context Sentences

Sentence that assist the reader or listener to understand the meaning of a word

When you distribute goods, you pass the goods along to various places or people.


Understanding the word so well, that you can use it easily when speaking and writing

When you internalize a new word, you can understand it and use it without stopping to think about what it means.


Studying an item until you remember it and know it well

When you memorize the words to a song, you can sing it easily without trying to remember the words.


To something over and over again

After reading a chapter, go back and review it before a test.

Meaningful use

Using a word or concept in context or in a way that makes sense, has value, or relates to your life.


·  Tell a story to your family

·  Ask questions about a  science experiment

·  Write a research report on climate change



Adapted Every Teacher's Toolkit Closing the Achievement Gap for English Learners.