sabbath school & personalministries

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Hands praying over ScriptureSabbath School

Sabbath School is discipleship through religious education—and so much more. In seeking to meet the spiritual formation needs of its members, it features emphases in fellowship, outreach, Bible study, and mission and provides a rich spiritual environment in practical, everyday settings. In Sabbath School, there’s something for everyone and everything for you and for people all around you! For more information CLICK HERE.

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Personal MinistriesBible Study

How can you witness to others of your personal experience with Jesus? When should you say something—or keep silent? What are the techniques that would help you serve others in a more Christian way? How can you understand better the cultural influences that affect how people respond to your Christian lifestyle? All of these questions are addressed in rich resources developed to help you minister to others of your faith. For more information CLICK HERE.

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