ZiaVelo Racing Club Meetings

Team Meeting times and agenda

The first team meeting of the 2007 was January 19th at 6:30 at Outdoor Adventures.

Pablo was able to keep the shop open for the meeting and we had some snacks. 

We hope to have another meeting at Outdoor Adventures soon in the middle of February

This first meeting included a discussion of:

1. Club membership -- 1.)Dues are $15.00; 2.)Shane proposed a hotel room support program for tours and races (money from sponsors and fundraising); 3.) Ritchey will again sponsor ZV and we will be able to receive product at wholesale (Outdoor will purchase the product for ZVers [only three times a year] for wholesale -15% and Outdoor Ad will keep the 15% difference between our cost and the sponsorship deal. Ritchey has arranged it this way. However, for every $2500 we purchase ZV receives $500 in credit from Ritchey for new product to support members.; 4.) Some of the best news was that Ariel Technology will sponsor again this year and Mr. Perez attended the meeting and provided a check to the Club.; ZV is waiting to hear back from some of the other possible sponsors

2. Clothing orders. -- Orders are due by the end of January. If we can meet minimum orders (or come really close) we will be able to use some team funds to support completing the orders. Typically 25 of like items is required.

3. Events  (Hillsboro, Horny Toad, Vuelta de los Muertos, and other group activities.

Hillsboro is March 10th. The paperwork is almost done and should be going in next week. To have a successful race volunteers will be needed. Please contact Shane or Dave if you want to help. 

4. Next meeting times -- Second Friday or Saturday in February (TBD)