Current Projects

SIMPSON for my dissertation work. I designed this web-based tool to collect data in real-time from multiple participants who are tasked to search for certain information via various social network structures and under various settings of "information seeking uncertainty". The tool recorded all the participants' actions in this gamed environment and eventually yielded about 15,000 data points per user.

SOCRATES with the InfoSeeking Lab at SC&I, Rutgers U.

Building communities for transforming social media research using an information extraction, analysis and visualization system (PI: Dr. Chirag Shah).
We created a Web-based tool for SOCRATES - it's a working prototype of a social media data collector, analyzer, and visualizer: check it out!

Resilient Organizational Networks with the Network Science Lab at SC&I, Rutgers U.

Studying the social network characteristics of organizations as they recover from disasters (PIs: Dr. Marya Doerfel, Dr. Matthew Weber).

Past Projects

A system that extracts information from multiple sources of social media and uses it as an analysis tool for people seeking to get real-time, comprehensive "snapshots" of cities (PI: Dr. Mor Naaman).