About me
I am a  first year graduate student in Linguistics at UCLA. The languages I have worked on include Mandarin Chinese, Classical Chinese, the Wuhu dialect of Chinese, Russian and some Tai-Kadai languages.
My research interests are:
  • Syntax
  • Typology
  • Language documentation 

            2016 - Present       UCLA, USA
                                              MA/PhD in Linguistics (expected in 2021)

            2014 - 2016            University of Kansas, USA  
                                              MA in Linguistics 
                                              Advisor: Isaac Gould, PhD.

                                Thesis: The Syntax of ha Polar Questions in Wuhu Chinese

            2012                         China Linguistics Summer Institute 10
                                              Jointly organized by the Institute of Linguistics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Peking University, Nankai University and                                                     FudanUniversity

            2008 - 2014            Fudan University, China
                                               Graduate program in Chinese Philology     
            2004 - 2008            Fudan University, China
                                               B.A. in Chinese Language