Zhun Xu

Zhun Xu (许准)

I am assistant professor in the Department of Economics at Howard University. I have taught at Renmin University in Beijing before joining Howard. My main research interests include Political Economy (health, food and development in general), Chinese Economy, Economic History. My CV is here.

My book, From Commune to Capitalism: How China’s Peasants Lost Collective Farming and Gained Urban Poverty, is to be published by Monthly Review Press in 2018.

Contact Information: zhun.xu@howard.edu

Please see below for some of my writings organized under themes:

1. Agrarian change and economic development

Drivers and patterns of capitalist agriculture in China, work in progress

Grain production, food import and national food security, forthcoming, Routledge Handbook of Rural China

Decollectivization, Collective Legacy and Uneven Agricultural Development in China, Oct 2017 World Development

The Development of Capitalist Agriculture in China, Dec 2017, Review of Radical Political Economics.


Stratification, Incentives and the Fall of the Rural Collectives in Songzi County in China, 2015, Development and Change.

China's Grain Production: Ten Years of Consecutive Growth or A Decade of Stagnation? (Zhun Xu, Wei Zhang, Minqi Li), 2014 May, Monthly Review

Chinese Agrarian Change in World-historical Context, 2014, Science and Society

The Political Economy of Decollectivization in China ,2013, Monthly Review

The Chinese Agriculture Miracle Revisited, 2012, Economic and Political Weekly

2. The political economy of health, food and family

Explaining the changing class-nutrition relationship in China (with Wei Zhang), Nov 2017, American Journal of Public Health

Human stature and capital accumulation, work in progress

Class, Gender and Household labor, (with Wei Zhang), in progress

Tobacco consumption and social class, (with Wei Zhang), work in progress

Commodification and Westernization: Explaining declining nutrition intake in contemporary rural China (with Wei Zhang), Journal of Agrarian Change, 2015

Do Black-White Racial Disparities in Breastfeeding Persist in the Military Community? (Jennifer Lundquist, Zhun Xu, Wanda Barfield, Irma Elo), forthcoming , Maternal and Child Health Journal.

Reinstitutionalizing Families: Life Course Policy and Marriage in the Military (Jennifer Lundquist, Zhun Xu), Journal of Marriage and Family.2014 October, Vol. 76 Issue 5

Racial Disparities in U.S. Infant Birth Outcomes: A Mediating Effect of Military Affiliation? (Jennifer Lundquist, Irma Elo, Wanda Barfield, Zhun Xu), 2014, Race and Social Problems.

3. The limit of the China model

The geographic shift of labor struggles in contemporary China, work in progress

Informal economy and China's economic development (with Ying Chen), Dec 2017, The Chinese Economy.

Are Chinese Workers Paid the Correct Wages? Measuring Wage Underpayment in the Chinese Industrial Sector, 2005-2010 (Zhun Xu, Ying Chen, Minqi Li), 2015, Review of Radical Political Economics

Living Wage, overtime work and China's sustainable economic development, (Zhongjin Li, Ying Chen, Hao Qi, Zhun Xu), 2012, China Review of Political Economy (in Chinese)

4. Global capitalism

Economic surplus, the Baran ratio and global capitalism, working paper

Food dependency and food crisis , working paper

Book review and commentaries

Book Review of Old China's New Economy by T.K. Bhaumik, Review of Radical Political Economics, 2013.

The Chongqing Event and Its Implications, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol xlvii No 14, April, 2012