Zhixian Zhu

Visiting Assistant Professor

Email: zhixianz at ucr.edu

Address:  Skye 218
                     University of California, Riverside
                     900 University Ave.
                     Riverside, CA 92521

I graduated from University of Michigan in 2013 under the direction of Professor Mircea Mustata. After graduation, I moved to Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) and KU Leuven.

My main research interest is in algebraic geometry, more precisely in
the study of singularities of algebraic varieties and its applications to
higher dimensional geometry. 
During my Ph.D., I studied jet schemes
and arc spaces. 
My recent work focuses on the study of singularities

of pairs and its application to linear systems.

My Curriculum Vitae:  CV


1. (with Jose Gonzalez), Generation of jets and Fujita's jet ampleness conjecture on toric varieties, preprint, 2019. 

2. (with Fei Ye, Tong Zhang ) , Sakai's theorem for Q-divisors on surfaces and applications,
     Asian Journal of Mathematics 22(4):761-786, 2018.
3. (with Fei Ye) On Fujita's freeness conjecture in dimension 5, preprint, 2015.
4. (with Fei Ye) Global generation of adjoint line bundles on projective 5-folds, Manuscripta Mathematica,   
    Volume 153, Issue 3–4, pp 545–562, 2017.
5. Log canonical threshold in positive characteristic, Mathematische Zeitschrift, 287(3), 1235-1253, 2017.
6. Jet schemes and singularities of W^r_d (C) loci, Communications in Algebra, Volume 43, Issue 8, 2015.

I am one of the local organizer of the Putnam training at UCR. Please contact me if you are interested in joining us. 



  •  Spring 2019, Math 172, Modern algebra
  •  Spring 2019, Math 09C,First Year Calculus III
  •  Winter 2019, Math 131Linear Algebra I 
  •  Winter 2019, Math 046, Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
  •  Fall 2018, Math 007B, Calculus for Life Science
  •  Spring 2018, Math 172, Modern algebra
  •  Spring 2018, Math 010A, Calculus of Several Variables
  •  Winter 2018, Math 046, Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
  •  Winter 2018, Math 010A, Calculus of Several Variables
  •  Fall 2017, Math 010A, Calculus of Several Variables
KU Leuven: 
  • Winter 2016 and Spring 2017, Advanced reading course in Algebraic Geometry
University of Michigan: 
  • Winter 2011, Mathlab supervisor

  • Fall 2010, Math 115, Calculus I

  • Fall 2009, Math 115, Calculus I

  • Winter 2009, Math 215(Lab), Calculus III

  • Fall 2008,Math 105, Precalculus