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Zhiqiang Cai

Researcher and developer in QE, ENA, ITS, NLP and ML

I moved to UW-Madison in January 2020. My current research focuses on quantitative ethnography and epistemic network analysis.

Working in the Institute for Intelligent Systems from 2001 to 2019, I published over 100 articles on educational system designing, development and data analysis. I designed and developed software systems for text analysis and intelligent tutoring, including QUAID (quaid.cohmetrix.com), Coh-Metrix(cohmetrix.com), AutoTutor Conversation Engine (autotutor.org) and over a dozen intelligent tutoring systems in the form of Windows applications, Windows Services, ASP.Net applications, RESTfuI web API, etc. I participated in research projects as PI(Principal Investigator), Co-PI and Senior Researcher funded by NSF, IES, DoD, ONR, ARL and ETS.

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AutoTutor is a type of Conversational intelligent system. AutoTutor Conversation Engine (ACE) supports tens of AutoTutor applications.


Coh-Metrix Tool is a text analysis tool, which is used for assess text difficulty, text classification, essay grading and more.