Home Page of Zhang Fan

Contact: zhangfan555  AT gmail DOT com

Where am I working:
Display Ads Quality at Google Mountain View Office

Where did I work:
Ph.D. Student @ Parallel and Distributed Group (Nankai-Baidu Joint Lab),
Nankai University,Tianjin,China
My Supervisor: Liu JingWang Gang Xiaoguang Liu

Intern @ WDM and WIT Group Microsoft Research Asia, My Mentor: Shi Shuming

Functional Campus Ambassador Internship at Sun Mircosystems.

Research Interest:
Algorithms, GPU Computing, Web Mining, Search Engine Technology

Research Activity:
Reviewer of ACM Transaction on the Web
Reviewer of IEEE Transaction on Knowledge and Data Engineering

Please go to Publications to see my papers.

I am doing:
Adverting Project in Google 
Research on TopK query processing (I am very happy anybody discussing idea with me!)

What I have done:
CPU List Intersection Project 
GPU List Intersection Project 
Author Linking Project 
TopK Project
Semantics Mining Project

My Motto:
The best way to predict your future is just do it.