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News: I am working at Facebook starting July 2016. From Oct 2013 to July 2016, I was working at Bing core relevance team located at Sunnyvale CA. Please find my resume here (EnglishChinese). 

Hello, I am a Ph.D. from the college of information technical science at Nankai university under the supervision of Dr. Wei-Ying Ma at Microsoft Research Asia and Professor Ya-lou Huang at Nankai University. My major is computer application techniques, where my personal research interests are in the field of Data Mining and Information Retrieval. Particularly, I have done some work about search log mining, context-aware search, and task-based search. Before my Ph.D. life, I received my B.S. degree from college of software at Nankai university in 2008.

Contact Information: nkliaozhen@gmail.com

Selected Publications: (Google Citation: Here)
  • Zhen Liao, Yang Song, Yalou Huang, Li-wei He, Qi He. Task Trail: An Effective Segmentation of User Search Behavior.  TKDE 2014. (PDF)
  • Zhen Liao, Daxin Jiang, Jian Pei, Yalou Huang, Enhong Chen, Huanhuan Cao, Hang Li. A vlhmm approach to context aware search. TWEB 2013. (PDF)
  • Zhen Liao, Yang Song, Li-wei He, Yalou Huang. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Search Task Trails. In Proceedings of World Wide Web 2012 (WWW), Lyon France. 2012 (PDF) 
  • Zhen Liao, Daxin Jiang, Enhong Chen, Jian Pei, Huanhuan Cao, Hang Li, Mining Concept Sequences from Large-Scale Search Logs for Context-Aware Query Suggestion, ACM Trans. Intell. Syst. Technol. (TIST), 2011 (PDF) 
  • Dongyeop Kang, Daxin Jiang, Jian Pei, Zhen Liao, Xiaohui Sun, Ho-Jin Choi: Multidimensional mining of large-scale search logs: a topic-concept cube approach. ACM Inter. Conf. on Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM) 2011 (PDF) 
  • Zhen Liao, Maoqiang Xie, Hao Cao, Yalou Huang. A Probabilistic Ranking Approach for Tag Recommendation. In Proceedings of ECML workshop, Sept. 2009 (PDF) 
  • Zhen Liao, Yalou Huang, Maoqiang Xie, Jie Liu, Yang Wang, Min Lu. Ranking with Query Influence Weighting for Document Retrieval. In Proceeding of 8th International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics (ICMLC 2009). Baoding, China, July, 2009 (PDF) 
  • Qi He, Daxin Jiang, Zhen Liao, Steven C. Hoi, Kuiyu Chang, Ee-Peng Lim, Hang Li. Web Query Recommendation via Sequential Query Prediction. In Proceedings of 25th International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE), 2009 (PDF) 
  • Huanhuan Cao, Daxin Jiang, Qi He, Zhen Liao, Enhong Chen, Hang Li. Context-Aware Query Suggestion by mining Click-Through and Session Data. In Proceeding of 14th International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD). Aug. 2008. (PDF)

Selected Honor & Award:
  • 2011  Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship
  • 2008  KDD Best Application Paper Award
  • 2007 Computer World Scholarship

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Personal Interests:
  • Reading books, such as Jinyong's Martial Arts Novel, you can find some information here: Notes
  • I have a personal blog at CSDN (here) where I seldom talk about work, and I update it occasionally

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