Assignment 3 Serial Manipulators

YouTube Video

(Video above, ultimate robot arm from GTRI).

Robot arm has so many applications -- from industries to International Space Station.
Here is a typical 6 DOF robot arm.
(Image above: Universial Robot in CPL, Georgia Tech)

(ISS robotic arm)
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(Industrial robot arm)
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Given pose, find tool frame.

Product of Exponential (POE): 

Given tool frame, find pose.
1. Closed-Form Methods

2. Iterative Methods

Here are some sample forward kinematics and Inverse Kinematics sample from the assignment:
Forward Kinematics:

Inverse Kinematics:

1. After I heard one of my lab mate's PhD's proposal (his topic is using reinforcement learning to move objects using PR2), I realized that moving objects are very complicated.
Though it may seems tedious and obvious, it will have huge impact on our daily life in the future.
2. Serial manipulator 2D/3D rigid transformation is very similar to camera calibration in computer vision (intrinsic & extrinsic model).