Zhaoliang Yang


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Research Interest

Nano Technology, MEMS


2007.9—Present    Machine Design Manufacturing and AutomationHuazhong Univ. Sci & Tech (HUST)  

 Overall GPA 86.2 and have taken a course called Micro Fabrication and Nano Technology

Research Activity

2012.3-2012.6     Undergraduate Thesis                            Micro-System and Control Lab ,National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

l     Read more than 40 academic papers to learn about the newest research content of Optoelectronic Tweezers (OET)

l     Designed a new kind of OET chip and smart light pattern to pair cells (which is necessary for efficient cell fusion)

l     Fabricated chips in the lab

l     Carried out experiments to realize the pairing and stacking of cells/polystyrene beads

l     Completed undergraduate thesis in English and got high remarks from my supervisor Professor Cheng-Hsien Liu (Click to see the PDF version of my undergraduate thesis)

2010.6-2010.7     Undergraduate Research

l     Assisted a PhD candidate to program under MATLAB

l     Read an academic paper about fuel cell: Min-Ho Jang, Jae-Moon Lee, Jong-Hoon Kim, Jong-Hu Park, and Bo-Hyung Cho, “Maximum Efficiency Point Tracking Algorithm Using Oxygen Access Ratio Control for Fuel Cell Systems”, Journal of Power Electronics, 2010, Volume 11( No. 2), 194-201

l     Got basic understanding about research


Project & Contest

2011.6-2011.8     HUST-WPI Summer Project (click to see the video)     Co-leader, Mechanical Designer

l     Discussed objectives and defined problems together with American students

l     Designed mechanical parts and sent the parts to manufacture

l     Presented weekly progress to advisors & Sponsor

l     Successfully convinced our sponsor Depush about the significance of computer vision

               Skills Demonstrated: Cross-culture teamwork, How to do Engineering Project, Presentation skills

2009.11-2010.5    Mechanical Innovative Design Competition (click to see the video)      Mechanical Designer, Manufacturer

l     Responsible for the designing & manufacturing of elements of the work

l     Got familiar with the whole work process ranging from designing to manufacturing and assembling

l     Won Second Prize in Hubei Province among 266 candidates

               Skills Demonstrated: Innovative thinking, Skills to solve unexpected problems

2009.8-2009.12    Foundation of a Technical Team                      Leader

l     Recruited team mates, organized the team for problem solving & analysis

l     Collected information, organized & control discussions on the scheme 

l     Invented a new bicycle to help save energy and applied for a National Utility Model Patent

               Skills Demonstrated: Teamwork, Leadership




l   Second Prize of National Mechanical Innovative Design Contest in Hubei Province

l   National Utility Model Patent (accepted)

l   Outstanding Individual Award for Science & Technology Innovation Activities in HUST

l   Hong Kong Qiushi Science & Technology Award

l   Academic Outstanding Prize (twice)

l   Self-improvement Scholarship