Megatops Software

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Megatops BinCalc

A FREE and really cool binary calculator for developers. It has a Palm OS version and a Windows version.

Windows Version Features: 

  • unique binary input method

  • get bin/dec/hex input & display in one screen

  • upports Intel/Freescale style bit labeling

  • signed/unsigned int 32 support

  • octal support

  • unix file permission indicator

  • classic 4-level (XYZT) RPN calculator

  • well designed keyboard input support 

Palm OS Version Features:

  •  unique binary input method

  • get bin/dec/hex input & display in one screen

  • supports Intel/Freescale style bit labeling

  • simple bitwise calculator (ALG)

Windows: Windows 2000/XP/2003
PalmOS: Palm OS 3.5+, OS5 Compatible; 50KB free RAM; Supports 160x160 and 320x320.

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Megatops ProCoder Font

The Megatops ProCoder is a raster monospaced font designed for programmers who will face to screen and coding for up to 4 hours each day. It provides clean & sharp view with bold style support, suit for almost all editor color schemes.

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Megatops YaTFTPSvr

Megatops YaTFTPSvr (Yet Another Trivial FTP Server) is a simple TFTP server for embedded system or network device upgrading. The unique tabbed interface helps you switching the root folder very quickly so it was especially suitable for embedded system developing.

Please note: TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) is totally different with FTP (File Transfer Protocol), and YaTFTPSvr can never work as a FTP server.

 Key Features:

  • Very easy to use interface

  • Multiple server root folders 

  • Virtual folder support

  • Colorized session log

  • Minimize to tray with balloon tips 

  • Multi-threaded upload/download

  • Supports TFTP option extension and blocksize option

Windows 2000/XP/2003

Current Version: v1.0a

Downlads: ZIP Format

Megatops txtMemo

A memopad replacement supports txt format directly. It sold for 9.95USD before but now it is FREE because I think I will not maintenance it any more.

Key features:

  • Native TXT file support

  • Work with UNIX, DOS and MAC format

  • Small font display in OS5 HiRes device

  • 32KB long Memo

  • Send text via mail (support Mail and VersaMail)

  • MemoPad records import/export

  • Advanced text search & replace

  • Support Chinese language edit and search (tested with CJKOS and CHOS)

  • Enhanced large clipboard (up to 32KB)

  • Built-in file manager

  • Easy to use interface

  • Customable toolbar

Palm OS 4.0+, OS5 Compatible; VFS support; Supports 160x160, 320x320 and 320 x480.

Current Version: v1.5b

Downloads: ZIP Format

Megatops Palm Pi

A boring tool I've made: calculates the famous Pi up to 4680 digits. Just like the "SuperPi", it could be a benchmark tool to help you test the performance of your PalmOS handheld device.

Someone found my PalmPi is really funny and wrote this blog to introduce it. Thanks Tam!

Palm OS 3.1+, OS5 Compatible; Supports 160x160, 320x320 and 320 x480.

Current Version: v0.2b

Downloads: ZIP Format

Megatops MonitorOFF

Nothing but turn off your monitor at once. I bind it to a hot key so I can turn off my monitor quickly.

Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003

Downlads: RAR Format

Megatops HideIcon

A small tool to hide your desktop icons on-the-fly. Run it to hide all your desktop icons, and run it again to get them back. If your desktop is full of various of icons just like me but sometimes you want to get rid of them, just try this :)

Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003

Downlads: RAR Format