Research Notes on Web 2.0

Research and Development Notes on Web 2.0


    In this section, I want to show your the basic techniques used in building Web 2.0 applications, such as Mashups, RESTful Web Services and etc.


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 RESTful Web Services

    First, do you ever head of  what is the REST style architecture and RESTful Web Services. If the answer is no, I think this article "REST Architecture and RESTful Web Service" will show you a brief introduction on them.  Read the article.

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New Ideas 

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Web 2.0 Practise 

    In this section I want to share the programming experience with you.  It is some learning notes about web development. I have built web applications using JSP, JSF, JavaScript and etc. Now I'm interested in Ajax, Ruby on Rails and Python.  Shall we start with Ruby on Rails?

 Ruby on Rails

     First, if you know little about Ruby on Rails, there is an article for you to show you a brief introduction of Ruby on Rails.   Read the article.

    Do you want to build your web application using RoR, so let me show you how to install and build your first application with RoR. Follow the instructions in article "Take your first glance of RoR".   Read the article.

    In this article "Summary of Rails", I make a summary of how RoR application works. Hope that will help you to get a deep understanding about Rails.  Read the article.

    "Web Service Development using RoR" will show you how to implement a web service using Action Web Service which is the module of Rails for web service development.  Read the article.

    "Using Public Web APIs in your own Web Application"  is a article shows you how to use web API published by others to build your own web application, and this is the first step of building a mashup.  Read the article.

    You may need to allow users to upload files in your Rails application.  For the sake of  security, uploading files into Database is a better way. In article "File Upload Handling in Rails" will show you how to upload files and store them in a database with a demonstration.  Read the article.


    First, the article "Ajax -- Build your application on Web Browser" gives you a brief introduction of Ajax, its benefits, design and components. We mainly focus on XMLHttpRequest which is a bran-new concept in Ajax, show you how XMLHttpRequest realizes the asynchronous interaction between browser and server with some code implementations.  Read the article.

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    First, "Your first look at Python" will give you a brief  impression of Python and Tools used to develop with Python.  Read the article.

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Introduction of Famous Web 2.0 Sites and Tools

    1. PageFlakes -- Mashup all your interested things on one page.

    2. Aptana Studio -- A Excellent Tool for Web Developer.