Photo Album

Web photo album:

    This is the showing photo when I took part in the 1st Singer Competition of XiDian Masters and Doctors. And my repertoire is “Slowly Coming” (慢慢来) from Stefanie Sun (孙燕姿). Fortunately, I got the first award in this competition.

    This picture is taken when I went to Beijing the first time. This is the Badaling Great Wall. It’s really magnificent and beautiful. I started climbing the Great Wall at near 1 o’clock in the afternoon, and finished my journey at 5 o’clock. Although it’s tired, the satisfaction is more than that.




  This is Fragrant Hill. I went there in May, 2007. I really like the beautiful scenery and delightful climate, and want to be there once again.





When I went to Fragrant Hill, I happen to encounter the flower show. The favorite photo of that trip is taken with the puppet taking a water jug at those flowers.




When I went to BeiJing, the first place I went to is the TsingHua University which is my favorite university in China.





    This photo is taken at the World Park in BeiJing FengTai District. There are a lot of miniature model of the world famous architectures and sights. The fountain is built imitating Italian style.




    The bronchobuster in the picture is also in the World Park. I don’t know which style it is, but just feel this photo is well taken.





All the photos above are taken when I went to BeiJing first time. This picture recorded the second trip of me to BeiJing. It’s at the Summer Palance, and this picture is taken by a friend I meet in the trip.




I like the summer of BeiJing very much, although it is a little torridity. In the little gloriette, you can feel any hot, just feel the breeze blowing through your face.




It’s the first time of my life to the seaside when I went to the Nai Dai Sea. That day is the 23-year-old birthday of mine. 





This picture is the one I put on my home page, it’s taken at my campus when we greeting the first snow in 2008.





At the New Year coming time, I went to BeiJing again. Also, I went to see the winterly sight of the Summer Palance, it present us another beautiful gesture. 





This picture is taken by my best friend Man Zhang when we went to attend the light show on the city wall.