My Songs

     ---- the sound of my life and soul

    Music is a gift for me, when I feel sad, I sing songs to comfort myself; when I feel tried, I listen to music to relax myself; when I need confidence and courage, I take them from the songs; when I feel happy and fortunate, I sing songs to bring them to the others. Music is the most important thing in my life, it brings me strength and believe and makes my life beautiful and wonderful.

   I start to sing songs when I was 3 years old, and the song is just for fun. When I get in high school, I and my best friend Spring Yong start to write songs on our own, but there only one draft in our record. I began to perform in public when I get into college, and I believe I will remember the feeling of the first performance forever, that is nervous and excited. My first performance is a song from Jay Chou "Starry Mood" ( that time, I'm a big fan of Jay). During the six years of college, I perform a lot in the Evening and competition, I also brought several champions.

  Following, I want to share some of my favorite songs with you.

  1. Tears    Down Load

    <<Tears>> is a song from X-Japan which is my favorite band in Japan. Since I study Japanese for one year, I sing this song and all of my friends love this version very much. This song is created by Yoshiki Hayashi for his dead father, all the sorrows and sadness touch the deepest of my heart.

  2. Crucify My Love   Down Load

    <<Crucify My Love>> is also a song from X-Japan, and this is a English song. I like the simple lyrics of this song, and you can feel much meaning through the simple words.

  3. Love will Keep Us Live    Down Load

    <<Love will Keep Us Live>> is a song from The Eagles which is my favorite band in Europe. This song also is the favorite song of my honey, he also wants me to sing this song for him, and I really want he feel my care and love through the song.

   More coming soon...