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       I’m Stefanie Zhao, a student of Xidian University. Now I’m studying hard for my master's degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering.


When I was a little girl in middle school, I found myself having great interested in computer and music. Thereby I chose to be a college student major in Computer Science, and I got my bachelor's degree the summer of 2006. After that, I continued my journey of studying on software engineer in Institute of Computing Theory and Technology with Prof. Duan. The main domains of my research are SOA and Web Services, especially the problems in services composition and services modeling.


I also focus on the evolution of Web. I think Web 2.0 is a motivity of the new revolution of software engineering. Web 2.0 is not just a term in computer, the sociology and economics theories involved in it are the real philosophy of Web 2.0. And I also do some work to find a way to introduce Web 2.0 and SOA together, it seems solved some problems of the existing SOA Architecture.


At spare time, I like to watch some movies, go out for a short trip, or go to the concert of my favorite singer. I also make some performances in our university, and make a lot of friends of the same interesting. My favorite singers are Jacky Zhang, Yoshiki Hayashi, Celine Dion, Stefanie Sun and Eason Chen, etc. I aslo listen to some classical music when I'm studying or programming, and my favorite tunes are Canon and Beethoven's Violin Sonata "Spring".