Senior Staff Engineer/Director (资深算法专家), Business Platform-Data Service Department

(Product Knowledge Graph Group and Business Platform AI Group )


Adjunct Master Advisor, Fudan University, China

My team is hiring Senior Staff Engineers、Staff Engineers(Alibaba Level P9 P8) on NLP、Knowledge Graph、data mining、machine learning area. 

welcome to apply lantu.zw#alibaba-inc.com


欢迎投递简历到 email: lantu.zw#alibaba-inc.com

Research Interest

Knowledge Graph,Information Extraction (Entity Linking, Relation Extraction), Web Search (Query Segmentation),Sentiment Analysis, Spelling Correction, Text Normalisation 


Ph.D in Computer Science, National University of Singapore (NUS), Advisors: Prof Tan Chew Lim and Dr. Su Jian

Bachelor in Computer Science, Harbin Institute of Technology (China)

Work Experience & Internship

Alibaba Group
  • Senior Staff Engineer,  07.2018-Present
  • Staff Engineer,  05.2016-07.2018
Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). Singapore
  • Lab Head,  NLP Application, Baidu-I2R Research Center 04/2014-05/2016
  • Scientist II.  Baidu-I2R Research Center; 04/2015-05/2016
  • Scientist I. 03/2013-04/2015
Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), Beijing, China
  • Research Intern , working with Dr. Yunbo Cao and Dr. Chin-Yew Lin.

Institute Role Model Award 2014-2015Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R)
Excellent Performance 2015-2016; Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R)
Singapore MDA IJam Award,2015.Aug
Singapore MDA IJam Award,2015.Jan
Best New Staff Award, 2016 Alibaba
Best Project Award, 2016 Alibaba
Best Project Award,2017 Alibaba
Hangzhou City 521 Talent Award,2017 Hangzhou,China
Best New Lecturer Award,2017 Alibaba 
Best Big Data Application Award (Alibaba Knowledge Graph), BDTC,2017
Best Data Platform Award,(Alibaba Knowledge Graph),Alibaba data open day,2018
Tech Star Award, Alibaba CTO,2018
Best Academic Partner, Alibaba Tech Strategy Dept,2018


Wen Zhang,Bibek Paudel, Liang Wang , Jiaoyan Chen, Hai Zhu,Wei Zhang, Abraham Bernstein, Huajun Chen, Iteratively Learning Embeddings and Rules for Knowledge Graph Reasoning. WWW2019

Min Fu, Qiang Chen, Wei Lin , Pei Wang & Wei Zhang, Constructing the Scene-Based Knowledge System for E-Commerce Industries: Business Analysis and Challenges. Data Intelligence Journal 2019

W. Zhang,B. Paudel, W. Zhang, A. Bernstein, H.J. Chen, Interaction Embeddings for Prediction 

and Explanation in Knowledge Graphs. WSDM 2019

Ningyu Zhang, Shumin DengZhanlin Sun, Xi Chen, Wei Zhang, Huajun ChenAttention-Based Capsule Networks with Dynamic Routing for Relation Extraction, EMNLP 2018

G Wang, W Zhang, R Wang, Y Zhou, X Chen, W Zhang H Zhu, and H ChenLabel-Free Distant Supervision for Relation Extraction via Knowledge Graph Embedding,EMNLP 2018

Y.S. Yang,M.S  Zhang, W.L.  CHEN, H.F  Wang, W.  ZhangM.  Zhang, Adversarial Learning for Chinese NER from Crowd Annotations, AAAI 2018 

Z.Q.  He, W.L.  CHEN, M.S.  Zhang, Z.H.  Li, W. ZhangM.  Zhang,Syntax-aware Entity Embedding for Neural Relation Extraction,  AAAI 2018 

Wei Zhang, Yunbo Cao, Chin Yew Lin, Jian Su and Chew-Lim Tan. Learning a Replacement Model for Query Segmentation With Consistency in Search Logs. International Joint Conference for Natural Language Processing (IJCNLP 2013)

Wei Zhang, Yunbo Cao, Chin Yew Lin, Jian Su and Chew Lim Tan. An Error Driven Approach to Query Segmentation.  The World Wide Web Conference. WWW 2013

Wei Zhang, Jian Su, Chew Lim Tan, Yunbo Cao and Chin Yew Lin. A Lazy Learning Model for Entity Linking Using Query-Specific Information. 24rd International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2012)

Wei Zhang, Jian Su, Bin Chen, Wenting Wang, Zhiqiang Toh, Yanchuan Sim, Yunbo Cao, Chin Yew Lin and Chew Lim Tan. I2R-NUS-MSRA at TAC 2011: Entity Linking. Text Analysis Conference. Nov 14-15, 2011. Maryland. US. (2nd best accuracy among 21 teams

Wei Zhang, Jian Su and Chew-Lim Tan. A Wikipedia-LDA Model for Entity Linking with Batch Size Changing Instance Selection. International Joint Conference for Natural Language Processing (IJCNLP 2011), Chiang Mai, Thailand, November 8-13, 2011.[PDF]

Wei Zhang, Yan Chuan Sim, Jian Su and Chew Lim Tan. Entity Linking with Effective Acronym Expansion, Instance Selection and Topic Modeling. International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence 2011 (IJCAI 2011). Pages 1909-1904. Jul 16-22, 2011. Barcelona, Spain [PDF]

Wei Zhang, Yan Chuan Sim, Jian Su and Chew Lim Tan. NUS-I2R: Learning a Combined System for Entity Linking. Text Analysis Conference TAC2010. Nov 15-16, 2010. Maryland. US [PDF].

Wei Zhang, Jian Su, Chew Lim Tan and Wenting Wang. Entity Linking Leveraging Automatically Generated Annotation. 23rd International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2010), Pages 1290-1298, August 23-27, 2010, Beijing, China [PDF]


Standing Reviewer of TACL


Co-Chair CCKS 2018 Industry Track 

Chair,YunQi Conference 17&18 KG Area

Program Committee Member:

 NaACL-HLT2018, TALLIP18, LREC2018, NLPCC2018, NLPCC2017,  CoLing 2016, EMNLP 2016, NLPCC2016, ACL 2015, ACL 2014, CoLing 2014, IJCAI 2013


Invited Talks:

YOCSEF KG 2018, AI-NextCon2018,CIIS2018,World AI conference 2018,CNCC2018,Tutorial at CCKS2018, BDTC-17, YUNQI 2017,SUTD, CAS, CCKS 2017, Baidu Inc, Fu Dan

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