Tieying Zhang

I am a Senior Architect at Bytedance US lab. Before joining Bytedance, I was a research scientist and engineer at Alibaba DAMO Academy. Before that I was a Postdoc in the Computer Science Department (Database Group) at Carnegie Mellon University, working with Prof. Andy Pavlo and Anthony Tomasic, on Self-driving Database Systems. Prior to coming to CMU, I was an assistant professor at Chinese Academy of Sciences. I received my Ph.D. degree from Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Academic and Industry Services: 

PC member: VLDB 2021 (industry), ICDE 2021 (industry), DASFAA 2020


  • Our paper "ResTune: Resource Oriented Tuning Boosted by Meta-Learning for Cloud Databases" is accepted by SIGMOD'21. 
  • My open source project Domino is the OLTP core of HP's DBMS Trafodion (now Apache Trafodion). Domino is a transaction processing engine, that utilizes HBase's multi-version to handle distributed transactions.
  • Peloton at CMU