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 Institute for Infocomm Research@Astar - Singapore 
1 Fusionopolis Way, #21-01 Connexis, Singapore 138632

Nanyang Technological University                                                         EEE                                             PhD                   2012.8-2016.2
Nanyang Technological University                                                         EEE                                             MSC                  2011.8-2012.8
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China                       Communication Engineering         BEng                 2007.9-2011.6

Research Interest
 Computer vision and machine learning.


1/2019: We are organizing an special issue on "Deep Learning for Human Activity Recognition" in Neurocomputing. We are also applying an workshop with the same topic in IJCAI2019.

10/2018: We are organizing an special issue on "Ensemble Deep Learning" in Pattern Recognition.

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Copyright Notice: The papers presented here are to ensure timely dissemination of scholarly and technical work and only for personal use.

Submitted Journal Papers
  1. Zhiguang Cao, Jing Guo, Le Zhang, Xuexi Zhang, Wei Chen, Madhavan Seshadri, and Hongliang Guo. "Using Reinforcement Learning to Maximize the Probability of Arriving on Time".
  2. Zenglin Shi, Yibo Sun, Le Zhang,  Yandong Ye. "Multi-Scale Deep NetVLAD for Crowd Counting".
  3. Zhenghua Chen, Le Zhang,  Caoyang Jiang, Zhiguang Cao. "WIFI CSI Based Passive Human Activity Recognition  Using Attention Based BLSTM".
  4. Rim Trabelsi,  Jagan V., Le Zhang, Yong Pei, Pierre Moulin. "Understanding  the Dynamics of Social Interactions: A Multi-Modal Multi-View Approach"
     1. Chen Wang, Le Zhang, Lihua Xie, Junsong Yuan,"Kernel Cross-Correlator". [PDF]
     2. JiaWang Bian, Le Zhang, Yun Liu, Wen-Yan Lin, Ming-Ming Cheng, Ian D. Reid, " Image Matching Benchmark".[PDF]

Selected journal papers:
  1. Zhang, Le, and Ponnuthurai N. Suganthan. "Oblique Decision Tree Ensemble via Multisurface Proximal Support Vector Machine."  (IEEE Trans on Cybernetics 2014)[PDF][Supplementary File][code]
  2. Zhang, Le, and Ponnuthurai Nagaratnam Suganthan. "Random forests with ensemble of feature spaces."  (PR 2014)[PDF]
  3.  Zhang, Le*, Ren, Ye*, Suganthan, P.N., “Ensemble Classification and Regression -- Recent Developments, Applications and Future Directions”. (* indicates equal contribution)  (IEEE CI magazine 2016) [PDF]
  4. Zhang, Le, Suganthan, P.N., “A Comprehensive Evaluation of Random Vector Functional Link Neural Network Variants". [Information Sciences 2015]
  5. Zhang, Le, Suganthan, P.N., “A Survey of Randomized Algorithms for Training Neural Networks”. [Information Sciences 2016]
  6. Zhang, Le, Suganthan, P.N., “Visual Tracking with Convolutional Random Vector Functional Link Neural Network ”. (IEEE Trans on Cybernetics, accepted).[Project Page]
  7. Zhang, Le, Suganthan, P.N., “Robust Visual Tracking via Co-trained Kernelized Correlation Filters”. (Pattern Recognition, 2017).[PDF][Project Page]
  8. Zhenghua Chen, Qingchang Zhu, Yeng Chai Soh, and Zhang, Le,“Robust Human Activity Recognition Using Smartphone Sensors via CT-PCA and Online SVM”.(IEEE Transaction on Industrial Informatics, 2017 . the corresponding author)
  9. Zhang, Le, Suganthan, P.N.,  ``Benchmarking Ensemble Classifiers with Nove Co-trained Kernel Ridge Regression and Random Vector Functional Link Ensembles". (IEEE CI magazine 2017, accepted.)
  10. Xueheng Qiu, Zhang Le, P.N. Suganthan and Gehan A.J. Amaratunga, “Oblique Random Forest Ensemble Via Least Square Estimation for Time Series Forecasting". (Information Sciences 2017, accepted.)
  11. Jing Guo, Yaoxin Wu, Xuexi Zhang, Le Zhang, Wei Chen, Zhiguang Cao, Lu Zhang and Hongliang Guo. "Finding the `Faster' Path in Vehicle Routing". (IET Intelligent Transport System 2017, accepted.)
  12. Katuwal Rakesh, P.N. Suganthan and Zhang, Le,"An Ensemble of Decision Trees with Random Vector Functional Link Networks for Multi-Class Classification" . (Applied Soft Computing 2017, accepted.)
  13. Wei, Cui, Le Zhang, BingLi, Jing Guo, Wei Meng and LiHua Xie, "Received-Signal-Strength based Indoor Positioning Using Random Vector Functional Link Network". ((IEEE Transaction on Industrial Informatics, 2017, accepted, the corresponding author)
  14. ZhengHua Chen, Le Zhang, Jing Guo and Zhiguang Cao "Distilling the Knowledge from handcrafted features for Human Activity Recognition". (IEEE Transaction on Industrial Informatics, 2018, accepted, corresponding author)
  15. Zenglin Shi, Le Zhang, Yibo Sun, Yangdong Ye, " Multiscale Multitask Deep NetVLAD for Crowd Counting". (IEEE Transaction on Industrial Informatics, 2018, accepted)
Selected conference papers: 
  1. Jufeng Yang, Liyi Chen, Le Zhang, Xiaoxiao Sun, Dongyu She, Shao-Ping Lu, Ming-Ming Cheng , ``Historical Context-based Style Classification of Painting Images via Label Distribution Learning" (ACM MM 2018).
  2. Songyou Peng, Le Zhang, Stefan Winkler and Marianne Winslett, ``Give Me One Portrait Image, I Will Tell You Your Personality" (ACM MM 2018, demo paper).
  3. Zenglin Shi, Guodong Zeng, Le Zhang, Xiahai Zhuang, Lei Li, Guang Yang, and Guoyan Zheng, ``Bayesian VoxDRN: A Probabilistic Deep Voxelwise Dilated Residual Network for WholeHeart Segmentation from 3D MR Images" (MICCAI 2018).
  4. Yun Liu, Peng-Tao Jiang, Vahan Petrosyan, Shi-Jie Li, Jiawang Bian, Le Zhang, and Ming-Ming Cheng, "DEL: Deep Embedding Learning for Efficient Image Segmentation" (IJCAI 2018).[PDF]
  5. Chen Wang, Le Zhang, Lihua Xie, Junsong Yuan,"Kernel Cross-Correlator" (AAAI 2018). [PDF][Project Page]
  6. Zenglin Shi, Le Zhang*, et al. "Crowd Counting with Deep Negative Correlation Learning " (CVPR 2018). [PDF][Project Page]
  7. Zhang, Le, Jagannadan Varadarajan, P.N. Suganthan, Pierre Moulin, Narendra Ahuja, "Robust Visual tracking with oblique random forest". (CVPR 2017).[Project Page]
  8. Zhang, Le, and Ponnuthurai N. Suganthan. "Visual Tracking  With Convolutional Neural Network". (IEEE-SMC 2015) [PDF].
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  12. Ye, Ren, Zhang Le, and P. Suganthan. "K-nearest neighbor based bagging SVM pruning." (SSCI 2013)[PDF].
Workshop papers: 

     1. Rim Trabelsi, Jagannadan Varadarajan, Yong Pei, Le Zhang, Issam Jabri, Ammar Bouallegue and Pierre Moulin, "Robust Multi-Modal Cues for Dyadic Human Interaction Recognition". (ACM Multimedia Workshop 2017)
         [PDF][Poster] [Spotlight]

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