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Room 523, Student Apt. 3, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing, 100876, P.R. China

Born on August 8, 1987 in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China. Single.

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 Sept. 2009 to present

M.E. (expected in 2012) in Communication and Information Systems
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), China
Graduate Research Assistant, Multimedia Communication and Pattern Recognition Lab (MCPRL)

Sept. 2006 to July 2009

B.S. in Information Science
Honors Program         (Only 1.5% students can be accepted into this program)
China   Agricultural University (CAU), China
Official Ranking: 1/47
GPA: 3.91/4.0   (official transcript)            Math related GPA:  93.7/100 
Early graduation granted by the CAU due to high level of academic performance (three years for B.S.)

Sept. 2011 to present 

Sept. 2011 to present 
Lab of Media Search, National University of Singapore  
Vehicle Detection and Tracking in Intelligent Traffic System

Lab of Media Search, National University of Singapore  
MMM 2012 Video Browser Showdown,aims to design interactive video browsing tools for “Known Item Search” (KIS) task

Dec. 2009 to Aug. 2011 MCPRL, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Content-based copy detection( Thesis of Master Degree), TRECVID CCD 2010,2011
Nov.2008 to
June 2009
Undergraduate Research Project, CAU
Image Matching System based on Local Invariant Features and Global Features
Jan.2008 to
Aug. 2008
Undergraduate Research Project, CAU
Vehicle Management System based on GIS and GPS


Aug. 2010 to Sept.2010 Video Codec Department , Samsung Telecommunication Research Center, Beijing
Hand Gesture Recognition on Real World Data

1. Zhang, H. and Zhao, Z. (2011), “A Novel video and audio copy detection algorithm”, IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Intelligent Systems, 10681. 

2. Yuan, J., Luan, H., Hou, D., Zhang, H., Zheng, Y., Zha, Z. and Chua, T. (2012) , “Video Browser Showdown by NUS”, the 18th International Conference on Multimedia Modeling (MMM) demo

3. Xu, T., Liu, H., Qian,Y. and Zhang, H. (2011), “A Novel Method for People and Vehicle Classification Based on Hough Line Feature”, Proceedings of 2011 International Conference on Information Science and Technology, 240-245.
4. Guo, X.,Chen, Y., Liu, W., Mao,Y., Zhang, H., Zhou, K., Wang, L., Hua, Y., Zhao, Z., Zhao, Y, and Cai, A. (2010), “BUPT-MCPRL at TRECVID 2010”, Online Proceedings of TRECVID 2010 Workshop.

First-Class Scholarship, BUPT 2011
Outstanding Graduate Student, BUPT 2010
Cisco Scholarship for Best Undergraduates, CAU  2009
National Scholarship, CAU                     (only top 1% students can get this scholarship) 2009
First prize in Samsung Summer Camp Contest 2008
SAMSUNG Scholarship, CAU                   (only top 1% students can get this scholarship) 2007

TOEFL/IBT: 102 (Reading 27; Listening 28; Speaking 20; Writing 27) 9th April 2011
GRE: 1440+4 (Verbal 640; Quantitative 800; Analytical Writing 4) 23rd October 2010

Teaching Assistant of “Pattern Recognition” Course in fall semester 2009
Teaching Assistant of “Signal Processing” Course in spring semester 2010
2008 Beijing 29th Olympic Games, Volunteer in UAC (Leader in Check-Out Department, service over 300 hours)

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