Download the button designs!

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All the button templates are in PDF format and are 12 to a page. Some of the files are large; sorry about that. Don't scale the image when you print. Even if it cuts off a bit, they will still turn out fine in the button-maker. The buttons look best when you use a laser printer. These templates are for industry standard (NOT Badge-a-minit) 2.25" machines. Feel free to ask me questions or go to the Button4Obama website for tips and tutorials on button making!

Colorado for Obama                                               Indiana for Obama (flag)

Iowans for Obama                                                  I went to Iowa for Barack

Iowa O Logo                                                                                 Indiana O Logo

Women for Obama                                                                  Stand for Change

Yes we Can                                                                                                         Pride

I'm an Obama Kid                                                             Scientists for Obama

Virginia is for Obama (red and blue)                      Hope (red and white)

Obama profile (Hope)                                         Social Workers forObama                                                                                                                                Virginia is for Obama (black)                                    Educators for Obama 

Obama Mama                                                                                      Hope (blue) 

Barack the Vote                                                                Evanston for Obama

Illinois- Land of Obama                                                             Obama O Logo

Evanston Ba-rocks for Obama                                   Obama Biden O Logo

Northwestern Students for Obama

I'll have more templates available soon. I'll try to get some images here also, but for now you can have a look on the button pages.  Many thanks to Chris Cox of Change the Thought for the use of his designs on some of the buttons.

PLEASE NOTE: Although Changethethought and Beth McLennan are providing these images for free to support Barack Obama, none of these images are permitted for point of sale. If you use these images to create items that you intend on selling, legal action will be taken. Changethethought and Beth McLennan retain the copyright and all licensing rights to their artwork and your download does not make you the legal owner of this artwork.

These images are meant for free use only and copyright protected for sale only by Changethethought (© copyright Changethethought all rights reserved) or Beth McLennan (© copyright Beth McLennan all rights reserved).