Buttons for Barack

                 A grass roots project by an Obama supporter, for Obama supporters




  •  Click here to see a bigger picture of the button designs.
  • FAQs for the Buttons for Barack project.
  • Some of the new buttons! I've improved a little bit using Illustrator...
  •  Thank you letters!
  •  The button project made the Chicago Tribune as well as the Obama HQ blog.
  • Pics from button parties. We have had a bunch of parties at my house; now they are hosted by the Democratic Party of Evanston. 
  • A HUGE  thank-you to the Democratic Party of Evanston and Jan Schakowsky for Congress for hosting button parties!
  • Link to our button friends in Seattle: Buttons4Obama


I'm an Obama supporter and volunteer. You can find me on the Obama website; my screen name there is Beth McLennan. I spent some time in January and February 2008 campaigning in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio. One thing I noticed was that buttons were always in short supply and people really wanted to get their hands on them. They're a great conversation starter with potential supporters. So, I started making buttons and sending them to other states as the primaries progressed. I convinced a graphic designer in Denver to create button art for me. The artist, Chris Cox, has made posters for the campaign. You can see his designs here.
With the help of other volunteers, I started making buttons on March 17th. We've made and distributed over 35,000 so far! During the primaries we sent buttons to Pennsylvania: suburban Philly, NW Philly, State College, and Pittsburgh. We sent buttons to North Carolina: Fayetteville and Winston-Salem. In Indiana, we sent buttons to South Bend, Gary, Goshen, Elkhart, and Corydon. We sent buttons to Kentucky: Louisville, Pikeville, and Paducah. In Montana, we mailed out buttons to Bozeman, Havre, Butte, and Miles City, and in South Dakota we sent buttons to the Obama offices in Rapid City and Aberdeen. We even sent a batch to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Now we send buttons to battleground states. So far they've gone to Obama campaign field offices in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, and Colorado.

The project seems to be getting bigger every week. We have over twenty different designs now, many tailored to specific states or groups. We have moved production to the local Democratic Party offices and we now make buttons there two days a week. If you'd like to help out, please get in touch with me!
If you are actively involved in the campaign, live in a battleground state, and want to get some buttons, please read the FAQs for some guidelines first, and if you think your situation fits, get in touch with me.
And if you want to help me buy more supplies to keep the buttons coming, here are some details. Every $28.95 buys supplies for 250 more buttons, $38.95 pays for 500, and $48.95 pays for supplies to make another 1000 buttons. Any amount you donate, no matter how small, will help! Or, you can buy supplies directly from the company and have the company ship them to me. I use industry standard 2-1/4" pin-back button sets. I buy the button parts here.

Any money you donate gets used for supplies and postage-- none goes for labor or design costs, since we do all that ourselves. Buying by the 1000 works out to 0.05 cents per button-- WAY cheaper than buying finished buttons from any other source. I would also be happy to have someone do some color laser printing of the designs and mail the copies to me. If this is something you would be interested in getting involved with, please contact me.

We're sending many 1000s of buttons to Obama supporters all over the country, but we need your help.

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