My name is Zhifei Deng. I am a PhD student in Computer Science at The University of Texas at Arlington. Before, I obtained my Master's degree in Machine Learning from University College London (UCL), UK. I also completed my B.Eng. in Software Engineering at Nankai University, China.

My research interests include computer vision, machine learning and deep learning. For computer vision, I am strongly interested in object recognition and detection, content based image retrieval and geometric computer vision. In addition, I also have interest in virtual/augmented reality.

Just for fun: My profile picture above is generated using mxnet's neural-art example, using Vincent van Gogh's self portrait as a style image.


Machine Vision coursework, UCL, 2013.
2. A Dataset and Evaluation Framework for Automatic Butterfly Species Recognition
MSc Thesis, UCL, 2014.
3. Tracking Moving Light Spheres
4. A Content-based Image Retrieval System
5. Wand-based Multi Camera Calibration