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26th August 2020, Filming has started for Zey's 7th episode called
'The Time Machine'.

5th June 2020 10th Year Anniversary as a Film Producer:
Lynn News Article.

5th January 2020 An Newspaper Article on:
Zey's 7th episode called: 'The Time Machine'.

5th February 2019 An Newspaper Article on:
Zey's 6th episode in the making: Skateboarding
and streetwise:

7th August 2018 An Newspaper Article on:
Zey The Mouse's Film and Exhibition at the
Norwich Puppet Theatre, showing sets, characters, a gallery, and a children's Workshop, on until Friday 10th August 2018.

15th July 2018  An Newspaper article, in the EDP on their website about Zey's new Sci-Fi Episode: http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/latest-episode-of-norfolk-animation-zey-the-mouse-1-5605985

8th July 2018 A brand new episode of Zey is out now on Youtube titled 'Who's Playing The Game', this is Episode 5, a Sci-fi, Fantasy computer game based theme, with Gorpbot the robot, spaceship, time portals, sp-fx and a story of saving the alien instructor's world's.

22nd May 2018 Filming is nearly finished for
Zey's New episode called 'Who's Playing The
Game', very Sci-Fi and based around Zey and Dylan playing a Computer Game. There are 4 Levels in the game for the character's to complete! :)

21st January 2018 Zey in the newspaper, article on new episode in the making:

6th January 2018 Zey's New Sci-Fi Spaceship
completed, and outfits and laser guns, pictures

5th October 2017 EDP online story of Zey's new episode with lots of great photos etc: 

28th September 2017 Article in the EDP,
Zey's New Episode.

22th September 2017 Article in the Lynn News,
Zey's new London episode 'Clara's Birthday'.

20th February 2017 Article in the newspaper, EDP, update on Zey's London adventure's in the makingWestminster tube Station and Tube Train.

27th November 2016 Article in the newspaper about, Zey's return in 2017 with an adventure in London.

September 2016 Working on Episode 4 'Clara's Birthday'. which includes a new character called Mr. Scottie. He is a Scottie dog. The story is going to be based around London, U.K.

28th July 2016 Peterborough Telegraph, Advert for Episode 3

8th July 2016 'Your Local Newspaper' Advert for Episode 3.

8th July 2016 Lynn News 'Zey's Trip to the seaside a YouTube Sensation.

5th July 2016 Norwich Edp Paper 'Mouse's latest adventures have been released'.

25th June 2016 Zey's brand new episode is now out! based around the seaside, beach, and funfair/funhouse, new characters called 'Fernando Fox' and 'Mr. Raccoon' join Zey, Dylan and Mr. Mouse on this exciting adventure! :)

26th February 2016 Lynn News Article on Zey's latest works, Episode 3 'A Trip To The Seaside'.

10th January 2016 Episode 3 'A Trip to The Seaside',
is in the making (for the past 5 months). There will be two different sets, the 'Seaside' and a scene at the 'Funfair' in the 'Fun House', also new characters. All looking great so far. Thank You to all those over the entire web, fans, press, tv and friends and family for their continuing support!! :)

24th October 2015 Forthcoming Zey 'Exhibition' in King's Lynn, 'Greyfriars Art Space' from 6-8pm on Saturday 14th November. A Talk, Gallery, Characters and 1 set on show. A screening of episode 1 and 2.

24th August 2015 Zey The Mouse's Animation Exhibition, The Forum, Norwich U.K. Was a huge success, 2,488 visitors came along, to see the characters, sets, films and the 'How to animate' session and model making! Plus a TV interview! We gave a talk on stop motion. :)

16th May 2015 Last weeks Lynn News Article dated (8th May) on 'The Prize Hat' episode! http://www.lynnnews.co.uk/news/local/latest-local-news/lynn-film-maker-s-latest-venture-1-6732006

16th May 2015 Previous weeks an advertisement in 'Your Local Paper' dated (24th April). 

9th April 2015 Zey's Episode 2 'The Prize Hat' is up! :) Thanks to all who were involved and made it come

20th January 2015 Newspaper Article on 'In The Making' of 'The Prize Hat'!!

30th September 2014 Newspaper Article
on New characters and the second episode:

10th September 2014 Introducing Zey's 2 new
characters 'Peter Parrot and Bella Bunny'!!
A photo is to the right!!

1st August 2014 The 2 new Characters joining Zey and his friends will be 'Bella Bunny' and 'Peter Parrot', They are in the making at this current time.For the upcoming Episode 2 called 'The Prize Hat'.

13th June, 2014 Thanks again to everyone who has taken interest in Zey and Friends, and a big thank you to the press again, having 4 Newspaper articles!!. Work on Episode 2 'The Prize Hat' is in motion!!

27th May 2014 
Articles in Norwich EDP , EVENING NEWS:

14th May 2014 Citizen Article advertising paper, A nice set of photos from the Lynn News!!

10th May 2014 Lynn News Article:

28th April 2014 A BIG Thank you, for the wonderful response to Zey's first Episode!!

23rd April 2014 Zey's First Episode 'Flying a Kite' Completed and up on YouTube!!!

9th April 2014 Fantastic News!!
Filming is complete for the first episode of 'Zey The Mouse' 'Flying a Kite', Voices and sound effects will soon take place.

3rd February 2014 Lynn News Article 'New Intro':-

15th January 2014 NEW INTRO, For Zey The Mouse
and friends! Added. (Filming going brilliantly).

9th January 2014, FILMING STARTS
for 'Flying a Kite'!! :)

23rd December 2013, Merry Christmas to followers of Zey and Friends!! :)

10th October 2013 UPDATE: Episode 1 of Zey
and friends has been changed to 'Flying a Kite'
this will be 5 minutes long!! Now in the making!!

6th September 2013 UPDATE: EDP Newspaper Article

19th August UPDATE: NEW Photo Gallery Video of 'Chestnut Hall' with Music, Best photo's chosen!!

9th August 2013 UPDATE: Lynn News Press Article on Zey's Storybook: http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/launch.aspx?pbid=758bcbff-c712-4686-bf0f-27c86b1a770b

28th July UPDATE: The Storybook has been completed and has been sent off to various (Book Agents) It is a fantastic achievement, wonderful story and photographically illustrated image!!

1st July 2013 UPDATE: KL Magazine, Article: http://www.klmagazine.co.uk/

20th June 2013 UPDATE: NEW Character being made called PIXIE PANDA!!

26 April 2013 UPDATE: Animation being used to make a Children's Storybook!!, called 'The Mystery of Chestnut Hall'!

12th April 2013 UPDATE: Lynn Newspaper Article, Full page spread! 'Chestnut Hall'!

29th March 2013 UPDATE: Happy Easter from Zey and friends! photo clip with theme music below!

22nd January 2013 UPDATE: NEW Video added, Test Shot 2, Clara Cat in the kitchen of 'Chestnut Hall' down below.

29th December 2012 UPDATE: New Chestnut Hall Photo's!

28th December 2012 UPDATE: A Christmas Photo appeared in the Lynn News Weekend-Live section on 21st December 2012!!

4th December 2012 UPDATE: Merry Christmas from Zey and Friends! a photo set-up added!

27th August 2012
UPDATE: New photo of Chestnut Hall building almost complete, some minor work to do yet!

21st August 2012 UPDATE: Progress, applying green foliage on hall. Visually looks really realistic!"

10th August 2012 UPDATE: some pictures added of the 'Hall' but not finished yet! also Deadline for set completion end of Sept!

19th July 2012 VIDEO DIARY added below, in the making of Episode 1 'Chestnut Hall'

16th July 2012 Busy with assembling the front of the Hall (black iron gates), and the outer wall! using Foam Board and Brick Paper, such fun!!!

21st June 2012 Lynn Free Press News article with different photo used!

20th June 2012 Thank you everyone that's taken interest in Zey! through Forums, YouTube, promotions. Overwhelming feedback and in the concept idea! Glad that creative people are coming forward in helping put episodes together!


16th June 2012 EDP24 ARTICLE http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/video_

2nd June 2012 Episode 1 'Chestnut Hall' in the making!, plans, scripts, building idea's!


19th May 2012 FUTURE RADIO INTERVIEW: Recorded on Monday 21st May Norwich!





Exclusive New Photo 'Clara and Zey' on swing's,
CHESTNUT HALL Set, Zey The Mouse's House
and a Newspaper coverage!

In Mile Valley in Little house on Little Lane, Lives Zey The Mouse and his family, Mr Mouse, Mrs Mouse and little baby brother Maz Mouse!
Zey's friend's are Dylan Dog, Clara Cat, Pixie Panda, Leo Lion.
Also Mr and Mrs Frog of Chestnut Hall!
Follow their adventures! 
EPISODES being made in order:
Episode 1 'Flying a Kite'. Completed.
Episode 2 'The Prize Hat'. Completed.
Episode 3 'A Trip To The Seaside'. Completed.
Episode 4 'Clara's Birthday'. Completed.
Episode 5 'Who's Playing The Game'. Completed.
Episode 6 'The New Friend'. Completed.
Episode 7 'The Time Machine'. In The Making.
Episode 8 'Zey's Dream'.
Episode 9 'Christmas'.
Episode 10 'Decorating'.
Episode 11 'Halloween'.
Episode 12 'Visitor's From Space'.

Among these Episodes are new Characters: Pixie Panda, 
Peter Parrot, Bella Bunny, Mr. Raccoon, Fernando Fox and 
Mr. Scottie, Claus Crocodile, Mr. Bear, Gorpbot, Mr. Hedgehog and The Keeper of the Gems.
Rough sketches have been drawn up, as usual will be made from Fimo Clay!

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