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Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine
A current work in progress (!).

I expect to be able to post some photos of the prototype and a link to a commercial site shortly. (October 2014)

The intention is to provide an economical alternative to DIY ultrasonic record cleaners, for those who do not have the skills or the inclination for the drilling, machining, soldering, etc... required to DIY a URCM, and do not have the deep pockets to spend $4000+ on a record cleaner. (but still want something that just the job just as effectively and easily!)

It is also designed for cleaning multiple records at once, facilitating the process of bringing into the record library new or new/old finds, as well as working through ones existing library for those of us that are dissatisfied with the condition of our older records, and do not have the many hundreds of hours required to clean them on a traditional RCM.
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