Welcome to my never ending story site..Life is a journey and each day we are blessed to breathe, we have the power to create our own destiny. This is My Once Upon a Time, whether real or imagined, it is My Storybook!

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"the never ending storyteller"

We all have the gift of a storyteller. The stories we heard from family twists and tales, memories at an

elders knee. We share those tales with the next generation and as time passes those stories grow and 

evolve with each telling. Through time. we create our own stories and memories for telling that  will live 

on through our children and to their children and so on...and so on... 

    An Idea, A thought recalled...the passing on of stories foretold;

this is where a tale turns to legend or myth and remains forever in our

midst...  Zeta Blankenship 6/2/2011

 Z Book Wall

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