Funding, Business, & Economics

The leader of team RES-2 & Project RES is Rüdiger Koch.

Bitcoin is a distributed (non-centralized) digital currency which is the most viable of currently extant alternative currencies. Project RES-2 will explore ways in which the Zero State community might engage with and lend support to the Bitcoin initiative, and take advantage of opportunities which Bitcoin may represent. At the very least, Bitcoin represents a form of currency which is not intrinsically or automatically controlled by any single State or private organization, and so should be explored as a stepping stone toward the kinds of autonomy that we envisage the Zero State enjoying in the future.

Broadly speaking and initially, team RES-2  will approach Bitcoin from three angles:

A) Propaganda

Bitcoin is a very young currency, with no more than perhaps 100,000 current users. As such, it is in a highly fragile developmental position. If Bitcoin is to survive and thereby be of real value to its users (including the Zero State) then we must do our part to increase the size of its user base, by 'spreading the word'. This includes engaging in debates to talk about what Bitcoin is, what its problems or merits are relative to other currencies and so on.

B) Implementation

As noted in the minutes of the ZS AGM 2012, over the next year we will make strenuous efforts to implement Bitcoin as ZS' preferred payment option on three levels. If it works on those levels, then we will consider ways in which the scheme may be expanded in 2013. The three levels are: [1] ZS membership payments, [2] the ZS shop (being developed by ZSM Division), and [3] an anonymous ZS-hosted trading forum.

C) Theory & Methodology

Examination, discussion and development of Bitcoin tools; helping to advance the state of the Bitcoin art where we can. Since Bitcoin is at an early stage of development then it is important to study its implications, consequences and practicalities. Where we can comment intelligently on these things, or improve them directly (or support others in doing so), we will do so.

D) General Resources (for both Bitcoin & Business)

E) Business Directory & Social (Business) Network development initiative

F) Business Ethics

G) Zero State Fund (ZSF)