Hey, Who Else Wants To Have A
Wonderful, Joy-filled and Completely
Pain Free Child Birth, Without Drugs
Or Hypnosis or Anything Else Weird...


My name is Sophia Nelson.

I gave birth to the 3 wonderful children in this photograph, all came in less
than 15 minutes, and I experienced no pain at all.

The oldest, named Pete, popped out in just 15 minutes and I had no pain at all.

With the middle one, Faith, I had just 3 pushing contractions taking just 10 minutes and I had no pain at all.

The latest one, Patrick, came the fastest, in just 5 minutes.  I had only 2 pushing contractions and once again, I had no pain at all.

I did not use any drugs, I was not hypnotized, I did not do anything weird. 

But I did chose to do things differently, and frankly I think a lot better.

I am just a normal person.  My friends all say I am quiet and reserved.

I am not a risk taker.  I am not bold or any more brave than your average mom of 3.

But, you know, my whole life, since I was a little girl, I have heard nothing but horror stories about birth.

Pain Pain Pain.  That's what we hear all the time. 

Well, I guess I decided at some point that I wanted my births to be different
if at all possible.  So, I dug in and researched the topic.

And I guess I got the research right, because my births were
nothing but wonderful.  They were fast, and not just painless,
they were actually...well, fun.

So, I wrote my story down.  I wrote down everything.  It took almost 100 pages.

I recorded every detail possible, so that you too could experience
a pain free, fast, and
joyful birth.

You can get your own copy of the 78 Page Zero Pain Child Birth Blueprint
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Wishing You All The Best,

Sophia Nelson

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