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Tracking MAC Address

posted Dec 6, 2012, 7:16 PM by Toni Stanyer

Mac Address Table

The first half of a MAC address contains the ID number of the device manufacturer (64:16:F0:C5:93:F8). These IDs are regulated by an Internet standards body. The second half of a MAC address represents the serial number assigned to the device by he manufacturer.

Changing the Last Hexadecimal Number

  • BM622 CPE uses three MAC addresses to gain internet access. However you can set all the MAC addresses by inputting only the WAN MAC address using the setallmacaddr command. Take a notice to the current WAN MAC address of the device that pasred on its bottom or through Web UI. Let’s say that the WAN MAC address of the device is 64:16:F0:C5:93:F8
  • In that single address alone we can conclude that the WImax MAC address of the device is 64:16:F0:C5:93:F7 and its LAN MAC address is 64:16:F0:C5:93:F9. Basis on the output in the setallmacaddr command in the telnet. However, don’t give importance to WIMAX and LAN MAC addresses because they interchange designation in the process.

Now, observe the successive trend of the addresses It isWIMAX/LAN(F7)-WAN(F8)-LAN/WIMAX(F9). So from there, you can test the succeeding hexadecimal numbers, either you downward or upward where the first 5 hexadecimal numbers are constand such as 64:16:F0:C5:93:FC, 64:16:F0:C5:93:FE, 64:16:F0:C5:93:00, 64:16:F0:C5:93:02,64:16:F0:C5:93:F6, 64:16:F0:C5:93:F4, and so on basis on the table.. I am certain that within 1 to 3 test alone, you can find a working and unblocked WAN MAC Address.

Changing the 5th Hexadecimal Number
  • Let us say again that the WAN MAC address of the device is 64:16:F0:C5:93:F8. Just change the 5th hexadecimal number 93 to 92, 91, 94, 95, 96, 97, 9A, 9B or so on.

Everything is so easy if you are in the right track. From here, you can find thousands of active and unblocked WAN MAC addresses.