All wetware should be free, as well as software everywhere.


aircinema is a melting pot of projects. ranging from open air cinema using free software to project video with embedded augmented reality and wireless audio via radio signal, to musical explorations bringing together musical instruments, computers and theoretical physics on the fabric of free software interwoven them up.

free hotspots off-grid allowing wireless internet access and energy supply is a high priority to achieve in the near future.


 Introducción a LaTeX Clase 1

 Gráficos, matrices, referencias en LaTeX Clase 2

 Cuadros, tablas en LaTeX   Clase 2a

 Letter, formato cartas en LaTeX Clase 2b

 Inserción de figuras.    Clase 3 otro 



videos on mathematical physics

on free software


Libre Planet 2010

wikimania 2010


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It's all about freedom