Last Words

                                       \       /            _\/_
    Last Words                           .-'-.              //o\  _\/_
                                    --  /     \  --           |   /o\\
     Stop!                                                          |
       I want to go home
         Take off this uniform and leave the show
           But I'm waiting in this cell because I have to know
             Have I been guilty all this time?

Five isn't a bad number to quit on, is it?

It's been a long time since ZF01. Our owns and releases get better. We would
not consider releasing ZF01 and ZF02 if we were to do it again. Yet doing so
taught us a lot, it threw us out there. We didn't really know what we were
capable of, and we wanted to find out. We were really lucky in how it worked
out, so far.

In the next few months we will do what we did last time. We will chill. Fresh
start. We will have the time to audit some more code and write some code that
we have been meaning to write. Research more hobby projects of ours. That kind
of thing.

Thanks to everyone who sent us mail, there was some great stuff. Sorry we let
the account expire.

The longer we spend on a zine (and the observant reader will notice that the
interim period has grown between each release), the more we are sick of it by
the end. Maybe we will come back, maybe we won't. We can always just hack
silently, join our forefathers in the zine-writers afterlife; that place where
you have already said what you wanted to say, and if you feel like it you just
own and control.

You guys still don't get it. What you see in ZF0 and geist and elsewhere isn't
the end of worldwide ownage, it's the beginning. This is the rule, not the
exception. We don't publish everything, and we publish more hacks than our
cohorts do. We're in every loop. If you aren't keeping your local blackhat rep
informed, you damn well better, or we'll take your spools.

Shoutz to Ac1dB1tch3z bringing ruquz to '09.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hope you enjoyed the show ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~                                                              ~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~                       Summer isn't over yet                        ~~~~~~
~~~                                                                          ~~~