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    Interlude                            .-'-.              //o\  _\/_
                                    --  /     \  --           |   /o\\

The security industry needs a security industry.

If we wanted to we could make good money selling security to the people who
sell security. It really makes their business look bad when they cannot begin
to secure themselves. Surely their own security would be as valuable as that of
most of their clients. But we don't do that, probably because we'd get canned
after rming our first few clients.

Look at Matasano. 0wned to fuck just a couple of days ago. What the hell guys?
Blog posts lecturing about how noobs misuse AES and crypto sessions, meanwhile
we read your hacklog and see a handful of blatant security mistakes. Did you
go to the Dan Kaminsky school of system administration? Get your shit in order
and then come back for review.


We remove your files. We play blackjack with your hard drives; hit me and flip
that bit. We exp0se your secrets. We expose your girlfriend. Relationships end.
Files disappear. Careers change. Mood swings. End.

It's all real. We can't get out either.

We're addicted. It's a disease. Somebody please invent hacker rehab. If you
charge SyScan rates we'll fuckin' own you.

There we go again.


Death to narc bitches like Axel Gamebe. They're everywhere. Snitchin' on a
snitch there's nothing to tell.


> 0rg4nizations such as th3 eleetz "anti-sec" 4re s4diztic g0dless bastardz
  wh0 g41n org4smic pl34sure from the suff3ring and t0rrm3nt of def3nclezz jpg


> I owned too much shit not sure wtf to do with it all :(
> maybe shutdown the internet lolz

ZF06 will only be available in paperback and hardcover.


Between us and people we know, everything is owned. We keep owning shit that
others have, they own some shit we already have. We don't exactly hire
secretaries to sort this out.

We're colonizing the internet the way Europe colonized Africa, cutting it up
into little pieces. We have your accounts, your mail, your dev box, your host,
and your ISP. Code exec on your lappy if we think it's worth the hassle. We
have so much shit owned we can't manage, or even remember, half of it. Targets
pop up and we have to ask ourselves if we already have it, because we just
don't know.

We could set up franchises like McDonalds, one on every corner of the net, over
99 billion served. Supplying you with artery-clogging hax morning afternoon and

We need some goddamn staff, we're a billion dollar enterprise running on a
lemonade stand budget. If there was much useful help out there, we'd hand out
root passes like candy on hallowe'en. That's just a pipe dream, we just find
more people we can't trust. Anyone useful is as busy as we are. Thank your
lucky stars we ramble on.


It's only good enough for cutting sausage.


Poor Mil. Let's just say we ended up on another box with a milamber account.
I screamed, exited, and killed the last hop I connected from. Just to be safe.

We have a funny feeling we'll be hacking Mil forever, he's stalking us or we
are stalking him. We can't get away. We'll end up in the same retirement home.


  "Secure DNA's own Anthony Giandomenico was named a Security Hero
   by SANS on February 18th"

When do we get one of those?