Hacking in gitmo

                                       \       /            _\/_
    Hacking in gitmo                     .-'-.              //o\  _\/_
                                    --  /     \  --           |   /o\\
      A song by ZF0                                                 |

~ the sun aint shining no more
i aint seen daylight since 2004
they put me away for five to ten
boxed up in this dismal eight by eight pen

it's a quick trip to the bottom when you travel one way
lost all access, warez, hookups--gotta memorize 0day
heavy is the head that wore the crown
listen to the skinny on how it went down

what's a shell, you must be a hacker
fuck off before I smash your stack sir
people of the jury he's on the attack
profile of a son gone off the Wrong Track

only takes circumstantial evidence
plus one snitch and it all makes sense
antisocial history just will not impress
pointless details on which they obsess

given no box perms and the all-access ban
gotta route TCP through the night watchman
small window size--packets bounce off my cell wall
all because he won't ACK me at all

used to blast through defenses with Just force
root and rape and rm--no remorse
played the fool and built up notoriety ~