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Subject: Compression Attacks
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Heh Paul--

   You can talk to me here.  Cuttlefish -- awesome!  My # is 408-933-8195.
Call me anytime.

   Question:  Do you have a collection of DNS compression attacks?  There's
some critical stuff I'm testing that requires an extensive collection.


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  My sincerest apologies.  I received a very strange reaction when I arrived
at the Crazy Horse with nothing but the confirmation number; they refused to
accept my number but still knew precisely what I had ordered.  They forced
me to pay for the ticket onsite, somewhat embarassing me in front of my
client.  I will be returning to the states in a week; either you or the
Crazy Horse should refund your transactions before I return home.  If
neither of you do, I will be forced to enact a chargeback to ComeToParis.Com,
as yours is the ticket that was disrespected.  Clearly this does not benefit
any of us, so I hope within the next week a credit appears on my account.
Thank you, and I apologize for the hassle.

Yours Truly,

  Dan Kaminsky
  DoxPara Research

On 1/6/07, Kevin Dunn <kev@ngssoftware.com> wrote:
>  Yup this is me - I'll call in a bit!
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> To: Kevin Dunn; Kevin Dunn
> Sent: Sat Jan 06 20:22:26 2007
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> This your email?  Dring room 737 at the Riverbank Park Plaza, or dring
> +1-206-251-5605.
> --Dan

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Well.  If it ain't the cute girl from Cafe Gaudy.

Cheers from London.  Its been an insane month -- but I'm finally coming back
to see old friends and, you know, sleep in my own bed thank you very much.
Reply, so I know you're actually listening on this address, and I'll finally
get to see you outside of that restaurant we keep bumping into eachother at.


On 1/11/07, Conti, G. LTC EECS <Gregory.Conti@usma.edu> wrote:
> Dan,
> I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for
> your visit.  Both the faculty and cadets greatly
> enjoyed your talks.  You've done a great deal
> to inspire the next generation of Army leaders.
> All the best,
> Greg
> p.s. The information theory researcher I mentioned
> is Sergey Bratus at Dartmouth. 
> He usually attends Defcon and I will make a point of
> introducing you.