Dan Kaminsky

                                       \       /            _\/_
   Dan Kaminsky                          .-'-.              //o\  _\/_
                                    --  /     \  --           |   /o\\
    Just as every cop is a criminal                                 |
      And all the sinners saints
        As heads is tails
          Just call me Lucifer
            'cause I'm in need of some restraint
              So if you meet me
                Have some courtesy
                  Have some sympathy, and some taste
                    Use all your well-learned politesse
                      Or I'll lay your soul to waste

     !~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dan Kaminsky 0wned to Fuck ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!

                 !~~~~~~~~~~ Table of Contents ~~~~~~~~~~!

                          1. mail.doxpara.com
                          2. backend.doxpara.com
                          3. attacker.doxpara.com
                          5. Select spools 2005-2009
                          6. Select gmail
                          7. Select twitter
                          8. End

Dan Kaminsky is a noob. This guy does not know the first thing about
security. His boxes were a crazy combination of half-updated shit, half-
removed shit, half-installed shit, half-configured shit. The lack of things
working properly actually blocked a bit of 0day. But Dan, do not go selling
that as some kind of advanced defense - you provided us with plenty of local
holes to exploit and root.

Dan is a selfish jerkoff who is hated by the security industry and the
underground alike. He's fat and ugly in a way that only Gadi Evron could
love. Is that hairy ass picture yours or ccg's? Do we want to know?

When Dan made a huge stink about DNS flaws about a year ago (July 2008) we
knew we had to own him sooner or later. So we did. Him and his little
whitehat bitch friends too.

Dan cannot even administer a box, let alone preach security. He lacks all
real legitimacy because he only hunts for flashy bugs that he can turn into
a big story. This guy would be the least important character in any real
security organization, the fatass past his prime (did Dan have a prime?)
who obsesses over areas that no-one else wants to touch just so he can
find a niche and avoid getting let go.

spender puts this nicely:

< dan_kam> LS -AL 0DAYZ/
< dan_kam> LS -AL 0DAYZ/
< spender> dns1.c
< spender> dns2.c
< spender> dns3.c
< spender> dns4.c
< spender> dns5.c
< spender> dns6.c
< spender> dns7.c
< dan_kam> grsux.c
< spender> dns8.c
< spender> dns9.c
< dan_kam> stab_spender.c

We hacked Dan's assets first through finding bugs and writing 0day, and
then through abusing him giving away passwords and his silly password
scheme. Check out just some of his passes:

fuck.hackers, 0hn0z (root account on his mail box), fuck.omg, fuck.vps,

Five character root password? Niiiiiiice.

From .mysql_history:
'root'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('fuck.mysql');

See the pattern?

Adding fuel to the fire (and hopefully flames to his talks!), Dan has
a messy personal life involving him, his girlfriend, and other girls who
he would love to get with. For once, we are mostly sparing the girlfriend.
Who says chivalry is dead? But we'll still point out the dating torrents
that Kaminsky downloads.

Will people please troll Dan at BHB and Defcon? Basically anybody with
the loosest affiliation to ZF0 doesn't want to do it for obvious reasons.
So we need everyone else to. Ask questions. Ask him how he feels about
being a security researcher while hackers can read his most private
messages. While we can keep up on any "work" he is doing. While we can
monitor whitehat communications through individual emails and mailing
lists that he is a part of. How we've read every emo conversation
between him and ccg. Ask him what the fuck he is doing standing before
you as a lecturer.

Remember, anyone *not* trolling Dan must be ZF0. You don't want to be
accused of such a thing, do you? So put your hands up!

The hax logs of Dan's bounces run about 8000 lines, so that's the number
to skip if you don't want to read them.