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We're gonna use this column to send some messages and provide some direction.

First, DeadlyData of TheDefecated. You are the sloppiest hacker anywhere. We
watched you hack ioncube and then lose it immediately, because you ssh'd to
root from your home IP. Sad. We usually don't mind other hackers as long as
they are clean and keep to themselves. You're dirtier than the rotting cat
carcass I saw downtown. Please, for the love of God, take a year off. Go up to
the mountains and train under a Shaolin monk in the art of hax. Learn some
Linux. Just, stay out of our way or we will take a detour to shred your hard

mu-b of Hey dude we saw your private xnu exploit leaked to
milw0rm!!! By you!!! Really, when you sell to iDefense you have to remove the
"- Private Source Code -DO NOT DISTRIBUTE -" tag. That's just how it is. And
you're not allowed to ever use it again. You can't pretend to be a priv8 el8
haqer after selling to iDefense. It's not funny to have it on your old exploits
either. Could you just quit security? We would feel better.

Maybe it was owning Anonymous BS that got us a newer, dumber target audience.
We keep seeing complaints about the commands we use from the .bash_history
dumps. Morons, nothing in .bash_history is from us. It's us showing what the
legit user did on his shell. People that make mistakes like these lose their
internet privileges as far as I'm concerned. Just rm these people. rm their
posts, rm their forum accounts, rm their shells, drop their connections....just
do what you can to remind these people that the internet is not a nice place.
Blackcode got an rm for basically a couple posts we did not like. If you run a
forum, you are responsible for keeping your users in line. It's a team effort
here, let's clean this shit up.

To someone (and...anyone) prepping to fuck us: Fuck you too. You will be
marked, you understand? We will go scarred earth across any box you've ever
touched, you'll never get off your loopback again.

This antisec chaos is a lot of fun to watch, but you really have to *target*
the security industry instead of just hitting whatever you can, like
imageshack, and defacing it with an antisec message. The theme is right but the
talent needs a bit of work. One observer criticized Anti-sec as "lame ass
quality of their drops, lame overhyping, obviosuly faked logs, contradicting
manifesto and actions," so that's a starter list of what to work on to get
respect in the underground. Give it time. We call for you (and everyone else)
to 0wn some whitehats. See the big mailing list in our article on Dan Kaminsky?
Own some of those. Those are whitehats who think they run this. The survivors.
Valid targets. But beware: those with memories better than a goldfish will note
what we said about DeadlyData. If you hack these whitehats, watch them or rm
them, but do not make a huge mess and get busted quickly. If we lose access
because you stumbled on a box with the grace of a drunken hobo, we will not be
happy. The pr0j3kt lives, now go forth and school some whitehat bitches!

This CF0 already has a winner, Matasano was preemptively owned! HELL YEAH.