Modding a Left 4 Dead 2 Survivor


Table of Contents

Created: 01-Jan-2011
Latest revision: 02-Jan-2018

By ZeqMacaw

This tutorial is not complete, and many pages have vague descriptions because I have not filled in the details. I only sporadically update it.

You can get help with modding in general or help with specific tasks or problems by asking in the chat room or posting in the Discussions (forum) of Dead 4 Mods (Steam group for L4D2 modders).

Section 3 - Modding the Textures

Section 4 - Modding the Animations

  1. Modding the Animations
  2. Modding the Eyes...
    1. ...Using Blender
    2. ...Using Mod Tool
  3. Modding the Mouth...
    1. ...Using Blender
    2. ...Using Mod Tool
  4. Modding the Face Animations...
    1. ...Using Blender
    2. ...Using Mod Tool
  5. Modding the Body Animations...
    1. ...By Swapping with Another Survivor's Animations
    2. ...Using Blender
    3. ...Using Mod Tool

Section 5 - Compiling the Model