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Music Productions By Zeph Till
Originated in 1997 in Corona California. Succession from Union 47 of Hollywood, Ca. Professional Musicians Union contracted new music Studio and major Venue Productions to the now home base in Surprise, Arizona and Arizona Professional Musicians Union 586 Contracted New Music Studio and Major Venue productions. In 2009 Music Productions By Zeph Till  launched  International pubications, a diverse multiple style Compact Disc release, with a second Compact disc ready to release and a third Compact Disc in Studio Production preliminary production.                      Music Productions By Zeph Till is an Original solo Recording production foundation with a 18 year established Original Music Theorist Repertoire, appropriate Application as to Music. Studies of the founder is to Include Electromechnical Engineering, Electromagnetic wave Length, Sound, Radio, and light Spectrums But not limited to, In addition Sound Scienses and Physical Scienses First hand applications for Benefit to the Entertainment Industry In Research and Development and the veiwing audience. 
Studies to Include Sound Velocity for multi media major venue applications.
The Founder of Music Productions By Zeph Till is qualified to train Commercial Studio Floor procedure of Musicians and studio staff, Video Production Layout, qualifications to include; Associate Producer, Executive producer, Song Writer, Multiple Instrument performer Original New Music Recording Artist, multiple style singer, Sound recording Engineer, Sound design Engineer, and Epuipment tech., Audio Floor Microphone  appropriate Applications to Instrument type and distance, human voice and singers voice to frequency and range, and Vu meter calibrations to Instrumentation parameters of recording. but not limited to. and finnally the Founder of Zeph Till Music Productions is Edward W. Glover.