Hun Acupuncture & Healing Center

Welcome to Hun Acupuncture & Healing Center. We integrate holistic practice with a commitment to natural healing by expertising acupuncture, herbal medicine, healing therapies, private session and yoga classes. We believe we help our patients and this community with better health through our programs.

Hun Herbal Tea & Supplements

Herbal medicine is one of the natural and safest ways to promote health and wellbeing. The herbal medicine is made up of a person’s signs and symptoms, their emotional temperament and bodily constitution.

Our prescripted herbal medicine is based on an individualized pattern diagnosis as well as a disease diagnosis.


Zen Meditation

Meditation can be defined as a state of consciousness characterized by stillness and inner calm. The ultimate goal is the attainment of supreme spiritual peace. Meditation takes you beyond the restless activity of the mind to a deeper, more peaceful space.

Meditation is mental maintenance. The
mind needs to be stilled occasionally to keep it working at peak efficiency. Teaching yourself how to relax your mind and release it from the stress of CONTINUE...