Want to change your life? Become a yogi.

Start a journey that will transform your life. Whether you are a curious student of yoga or you aspire to teach, this program is a great way to get to the next stage. By challenging yourself, connecting with a community of friends, exploring philosophies and training your body & mind, you will discover that you have the ability to change your world day by day. Deepening your experience of yoga is an immensely satisfying experience that will expand your life on all levels – physically, emotionally and socially.

Each training program involves multiple instructors who deliver lessons within their own specialization, creating a dynamic curriculum that offers our students exposure to a variety of theory, experience and inspirations. Our staff instructors are friendly, sincere professionals who teach from the heart, blending skillful mastery with compassion and a desire to bring the joy and benefits of yoga to a growing population.

It's a fusion not offered at other yoga schools.

Our program will certify you in the foundations of traditional hatha yoga and vinyasa flow. Our technology emphasizes precision and safety with creative sequencing. And, you will also receive training in Zen yoga, a modern blend of eastern energy principles focused on holistic health, mental clarity and healing. Our Zen training is unique in NYC – you will find that it catapults your understanding, your practice and your classes. Reach your personal or professional yoga goals, including instruction in:

  • Asana posture theory & practice
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Pranayama (breath work and breathing theory)
  • Relaxation (instruction for mind and body)
  • Meditation
  • Energy Healing (developing a relationship with universal energy)
  • Sequence development (creating well-rounded hatha-based vinyasa classes)

Yoga Alliance Standards

Techniques Training – traditional yoga techniques (asana, pranayama, kriya, chanting, mantra, meditation, etc.) that combine analytical training and guided practice of the techniques themselves

Teaching Methodology – principles of demonstration, observation, assisting/adjusting, instruction, teaching styles, student learning methods, business aspects of teaching yoga

Anatomy & Physiology – study of physical anatomy & physiology (bodily systems, organs) and energy anatomy & physiology (meridians, chakras, nadis), application of both systems and principles to yoga practice (benefits, contraindications, movement patterns)

Yoga Philosophy – study of yoga philosophies, lifestyle, and ethics for yoga teachers

Practicum – practice teaching, receiving feedback, observing others teaching, hearing & giving feedback, assisting while others teach

200-hour Certification Courses

2019 Spring Program
10 Weekend
April 13 thru June 23
Saturdays: 1pm~7:30pm & Sundays: 12pm-6:30pm

2019 Fall Program 
10 Weekend
September 14 thru November 17
Saturdays: 1pm~7:30pm & Sundays: 12pm-6:30pm.

Tuition and Enrollment
$3,000 if paid in full by March 13 for spring program or  August 14 for fall program.
$3,200 if paid in full by April 6 for spring program or  September 7 for fall program.
$3,500 when paid in installments
$1,400 payable on deposit with 3 additional payments of $700 each, payable in monthly installments.
All tuition includes a $50 application fee and a $250 deposit which are not refundable.

For detailed information, please call Zen & Yoga at 718-544-9642.


Professional yoga instructor & recent grad of Zen Yoga Continuing Education

“From the Zen Yoga Teacher training I gained knowledge about the Eastern perspective of energy and health. Learning this helped me take a step back and observe my thoughts and think about what those thoughts would do for my well being (where your mind goes energy follows). I found this to be an invaluable lesson...

I would recommend this program to people interested in deepening their yoga practice and to people who are interested in really learning what the poses are bringing to themselves, beyond just physical benefits. For those that want to teach, these concepts are very important...

The Zen portion of the training was important for me as a teacher because it taught me a more nurturing perspective on why we practice yoga. The Zen Yoga teachings showed me that meditation does not need to be so strict and that by physically sensing energy flow in the body, it is easier to experience a meditative state... in other words, Zen Yoga made the experience of meditation more accessible than my previous schooling.

I also found the postures to be nurturing – they are gentle but they can be very powerful for the body!”

Recent graduate of Zen & Yoga's 200-hr Teacher Training Program

Participating in yoga teacher training at Zen & Yoga not only enhanced my personal yoga practice but it increased my awareness with respect to my practice. The requirement to observe classes weekly was helpful. It was a big commitment time-wise, but it was very well worth it.
I would strongly recommend that others try the Teacher Training at Zen & Yoga. I can't believe how much I learned – yoga, anatomy, philosophy and even a little Sanskrit! I learned from both the teachers and my colleagues, and I learned about myself as well...
My original intention when I signed up to take this course wasn't to teach, rather I just wanted to improve my own practice. Now being able to teach is an added bonus!”