We are proud to have the best and friendliest teachers in NYC!

Zen Yoga master Jason Hun Kim has dedicated over 26 years to training students in the art and technique of Zen Yoga. His background is filled with many techniques learned beginning in early childhood and enriched through years of training and practice. He is constantly working to bring a richer experience to his classes, and incorporates traditional Indian yoga, including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Iyengar into his style. By harnessing the flow of Tai Chi and the movements of yoga, he is able to bring a special quiet to the mind, while moving the body into balance. Classes with Jason are a unique experience.
Jany's first encounter with Yoga was taking a class at the local church where she soon discovered it was much more than exercise. Her passion grew, and the desire to help her emotional and spiritual needs kept her interested. Her journey was transformed in 2012 after discovering the Ashtanga method which has now ignited a daily Mysore practice. In 2015 Jany completed the 200hr BambooMoves Teacher Training and in 2017 received an 18hr certification on Trauma Informed Yoga. While reinforcing their potential, she encourages her students to have awareness of their bodies and breath.
Christina Cruz is a native New Yorker, certified Vinyasa yoga instructor and Thai yoga massage practitioner. She loves fitness, has completed several marathons and triathlons, and was inspired to teach through her own yoga practice. She believes the benefits of practicing yoga can permeate in all areas of life, giving one a sense of health, inner peace, compassion, strength and flexibility; both on and off the mat.

Erika Fury 
200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. She continues her education by attending workshops, teaching private sessions, and a dedicated, steady home practice. She's going to train for a 500ur certification in the near future. The focus of her practice is to guide students through proper breathing techniques, gaining awareness of body alignment and working through adjustments — all while incorporating philosophy, mantra and meditation. Zen Yoga is where she became certified and started her journey to a new healthy way of life! A mother, amateur baker and lover of music and dance, she applies what she learns as a student of yoga into her life and passions-ho. 

Mei Sei Fong
completed her 200 hour teacher training with Earth Yoga NYC in 2015 to deepen her own practice. Yoga has been physically and mentally life enriching and healing. Yoga has not only helped her to be a calmer, more balanced person but also has aided in recovery from her other fitness activities (running, boot camp, cycling). After subbing a class for a fellow teacher in 2016, she fell in love with the challenges and rewards of helping students feel better through yoga. She views teaching as a way to share the benefits she gets from yoga and to spread the love. She strives to provide a challenging vinyasa class but her primary concern is her students’ needs and safety. “To live life fully is to always be learning.” She continues to take meditation workshops and continuing yoga education and completed a 50 hour intensive advanced sequencing with Laughing Lotus in early 2017. She is equally grateful to her students and teachers for every learning opportunity. When she is not working as an executive assistant/analyst, teaching or exercising, she loves to bake, cook, and eat.

Audrey Kate
has grown up practicing yoga. Her mom opened a yoga studio when she was in 6th grade, and has been in love with it ever since. She got her 200hr RYT certification through Zen and Yoga in 2014 after moving to Queens and discovering what a true yoga practice can do for both the physical and mental state. Audrey Kate specializes is vinyasa flow whether it be in the hot room or regular. She loves to help students find their breath, peace of mind, and a love for yoga as strong as her own. Through strengthening your core, focusing on your breath and body, and lots of self care, Audrey Kate promises you will leave with a smile on your face!
Diane Martori has been practicing yoga since 2010. She originally began yoga as a way to manage stress from her job as a social worker and to complement her running routine. After finding Zen and Yoga, she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training and her practice has become part of her daily life. Diane utilizes yoga, meditation and mindfulness in her psychotherapy work with clients and strives to bring similar concepts of healing to the yoga classes that she teaches. Diane focuses on alignment while simultaneously building strength and flexibility in her Vinyasa flow classes. 
To Anisa, yoga means to forgive. One of her teachers told her, if you can breathe, you can do yoga. You don’t have to be flexible or coordinated to do it. Yoga is for anyone and being one with no experience in physical activity. She has found yoga to be a mind and body exercise that helps her to enjoy life. Anisa completed her 200 hour Training with Zen and Yoga in 2015. She creates a practice that is lighthearted, fun and an easy sweat. These days, she is inspired by her son who is a natural at happy baby and down dog.

Cassandra Motta obtained her BFA in Dance from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and upon graduating she moved to NYC to dance and form her own dance company (www.boinkdance.com). Here in New York she discovered her love of yoga and finds it to be an essential tool for survival in the world today. She completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Celebrating the Call along with certifications for Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Trauma Informed Yoga all through ISHTA Yoga. Cassandra.


Joanna Paliwoda RYT has been involved in fitness and wellness since she was a young adult. She constantly expresses a great passion for balance of the body and mind when it comes to reaching optimal health and aligning heart, body and soul. She has been practicing yoga consistently since 2005. Joanna's first love was Bikram yoga. In 2011 she was introduce to Vinyasa flow and it became her passion. She is grateful every day for the practice, grateful for her teachers and to her students who also teach her with their practice.

Gary started practicing yoga in 2010 casually to get in better shape. After five years as a student, he attended teacher training and found a deeper meaning and purpose for practicing beyond just physical health. He enjoys guiding students out of their comfort zones, believing that anyone can achieve more than what they think they're capable of with some effort, and believes the rewarding feelings from those successes help people grow as humans.

Mindy Zarrell has been practicing yoga more than half her life. She is now a teacher in Zen Yoga and Pilates. She learned Zen Yoga from Jason at Zen and Yoga studio. Zen is a big part of her life; she teaches it and practices it everyday.

Linda Reilly-Boehm was initially drawn to yoga for it’s physical benefits, but what she fell in love with was the mental and spiritual aspect, the foundation she continues to incorporate into daily life. Yoga allowed her to challenge herself, finding an inner strength, peace, and flexibility that she had not tapped into as an athlete. She practiced at Jivamukti Yoga Studio, continued to practice yoga and meditation with Cyndi Lee at the Shambhala Meditation Center, and followed Cyndi to OM Studio. In 2017, Linda completed her 200 hour Teacher Training at Zen & Yoga. She is registered with Yoga Alliance. Linda completed her Reiki Mastership and is a Reiki practitioner. She infuses some Reiki healing in her yoga teachings, which promotes relaxation and well-being. She is a devoted yoga teacher and guides her students through yoga postures being mindful of breath, alignment, and flexibility, to strengthen mind, body and spirit and ends her class in a guided relaxation. Her style is approachable for everyone. Her goal is to cultivate a safe and nurturing space for her students to grow in their practice.