We are proud to have the best and friendliest teachers in NYC!

Zen Yoga master Jason Hun Kim has dedicated over 23 years to training students in the art and technique of Zen Yoga. His background is filled with many techniques learned beginning in early childhood and enriched through years of training and practice. He is constantly working to bring a richer experience to his classes, and incorporates traditional Indian yoga, including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Iyengar into his style. By harnessing the flow of Tai Chi and the movements of yoga, he is able to bring a special quiet to the mind, while moving the body into balance. Classes with Jason are a unique experience.

Laura Baron
came to yoga for the awesome, constantly intriguing workout--unable to touch her toes and much more interested in learning neato yoga tricks than in meditation or spirituality. Several years later (after, of course, mastering some neato yoga tricks), she realized that yoga had, quietly and relentlessly, changed her life. Laura completed her teacher training and has since worked with Connected Warriors to create a program for veterans and active-duty military personnel at the Brooklyn Vet Center. She brings humor and a fierce joy in practice to her classes and encourages students to challenge themselves.

Katie Grim Originally from California, Katie is a former cross country runner and gym nut, who traded in her running shoes for the serenity of the studio. Katie completed her 200-hour teacher training at Sonic Yoga in 2011 and is continuing her exploration through Zenyasa Yoga Studio’s 300-hour training, as part of which she recently completed the 108-hour Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers program. Katie is grateful to her many teachers, and hopes to one day similarly inspire others to connect with their inner wisdom and strength.


Kelly Scanlon
received her Vinyasa Teacher Certification at Sonic Yoga in Hell's Kitchen and has begun to persue her 300 hour with Hatha Teacher Will Duprey. Her classes include attention to basic alignment, juicy adjustments, eclectic music and a dose of philosophy, meditation and pranayama. Oh, and she usually makes you do crunches. She is always available to chat before and after class about a student's individual needs. A native New Yorker and ex-actress, Kelly lives in Hell's Kitchen with her partner Aaron and cat Cheeky. She enjoys music and singing and can often be heard chanting mantra or singing karaoke!


Kristin Auble
has been practicing yoga since 1996. "Yoga opened my eyes to the beauty of living fully in the moment." In 2008 she received her Yoga Alliance certification as a Vinyasa yoga instructor through The Center for Yoga Studies at Sonic, with Lauren Hanna and Jonathan Fields. Kristin amplified her Sonic education through workshops with world-renowned teachers including Roger Cole, Gary Kraftsow, John Schumacher, Sarah Powers, Kofi Busia, Shiva Rea and Rodney Yee. Kristin's deep appreciation of anatomy, alignment and a good sense of humor shine through in her flowing Vinyasa classes. She infuses the lessons of mindfulness and the teachings of the Sutras in a modern and practical way to make yoga more approachable for everyone. "Yoga is not just a series of movements we do on our mats, it's how we live our lives, every moment of every day."

Jessica Bolen
first began practicing yoga over seven years ago as a way to cross-train for all the long-distance running she was doing.  After realizing that the yoga program at her college was in need of an instructor, she stepped up to fill the position and was astounded by how much she continued to learn and deepen her personal practice simply by teaching others.  In 2008, Jessica moved to New York City where she taught ESL at an elementary school in East Harlem.  During this time, she started an after school yoga program for students and teachers and realized that yoga was her true passion.  She received her 200-hour certificate from Sonic Yoga in 2009 and has completed trainings through the Lineage Project, Street Yoga, and Little Flower Yoga. Jessica is currently pursuing her Master’s in Social Work at Hunter College School of Social Work with the hopes that she can combine her enthusiasm for yoga with her desire to work alongside at-risk youth.  Jessica brings joy, energy, authenticity, and an open heart to her students and strives to create a compassionate environment where each person can experience a sense of belonging and self-discovery.

Lauren Kane
received her 500 hour yoga teacher training from the Yoga Teacher’s Training Institute in 2006. She values the basic principles of alignment in the spine and uses those principles in her teaching. She is open to all yoga styles and has a diverse background in trainings. Lauren was a full time yoga teacher for 7 years and recently switched careers to work in an Independent School. However she still enjoys teaching yoga on a part time basis. Her open attitude and in-depth knowledge of the poses offers a great well rounded class to students who are beginners and new to yoga and those students who want to learn the poses in a detailed way.

Genny Hyun
is 500 E-RYT from Yogaworks and has been teaching yoga since 2004. Mindfulness and compassion is the key point of her yoga practice, while she incorporates the precision and discipline into her teaching from extensive anatomy study background. She teaches slow Vinyasa style with many alignment points and encourages you to learn the pose, as well as do the pose. In yoga, it's good to balance with mystery of divinity with the science of anatomy and the intelligence of actions in the poses, to find the truth in our own body. She is also a certified restorative yoga teacher, who believes in different yoga works for different people at different times. As long as we are mindful and compassionate, it's ALL ONE!

Deanna Gibson
has been practicing yoga for more than half her life, and is a 200-HR registered yoga teacher. It has alleviated the pain of a herniated disc in her neck, and has made her a more confident, limber, and vibrant person. Certified in the vinyasa method through Sonic Yoga Studio in Manhattan, she also incorporates Hatha, Iyengar, and Anusara sensibilities into her practice, and especially enjoys teaching new students. A professional actress as well as an avid runner, Deanna also brings a unique knowledge and study of anatomy into the studio to create a safe, healing, and athletic yoga practice. Emphasis is on the breath, the potential, and baby steps. Inner peace to follow. Om Shanti!

Ivan Nahem
has studied many forms of philosophy, particularly Asian, since coming across Alan Watts' The Way of Zen as a teenager. He has had a varied career, but teaching has come naturally to him, and he currently teaches ESL in Manhattan. He had several warm-up bouts with yoga but in 2005 he really got hooked. He studied intensively with several wise teachers including Tzahi Moskovitz and Megan Walsh, and then in 2007 he earned his 200 hours certificate with Jacqueline Heisel in Puglia, Italy. He began his own business, Join Up Yoga, in Longford, Ireland, and taught there and built a steady following for over two years. He also taught yoga at the Irish Wheelchair Association and at St. Joseph's Mental Outpatient Clinic. He returned to New York in 2009 and earned his 300 hour certificate at YogaWorks and his Level Two certificate in Restorative Yoga with Jillian Pransky. Ivan is also an author, and has contributed three articles to Yoga & Health, Europe's best-selling yoga magazine. He believes in creating a particular atmosphere in class with personality and humor, a light touch combined with focus on alignment, safety, and, at the end, serenity. His blog (at Rnbyoga.com) is called Restorative and Beginner Yoga: Fusing and Finessing.

Gail Hamlin first tried yoga almost 11 years ago as a way to learn how to meditate.  She worked a busy and stressful job in  advertising sales and needed to learn how to relax.  After her first class she never looked back.  While discovering how yoga trained the mind to meditate, Gail also realized that yoga was a great physical practice.  She felt fantastic doing it!  In 2010, Gail completed a 200-hour teacher training at Pure Yoga in New York City.  Making the transition to teaching full time, Gail has since completed an advanced 300-hour teacher training (also at Pure Yoga, with world renowned Ashtanga teacher John Campbell).  Gail is excited to continue sharing her experiences with students on their yoga journey!

Shannan Mayre
is a Yoga Alliance registered and certified 200hr hatha/vinyasa flow instructor (she also teaches hot vinyasa) and carries her reiki level 1 attunement. Shannan's love for yoga began in high school and continued after an injury ended her professional ballet dancing career. After being diagnosed with asmtha and sarcoidosis, Shannan found much relief in her symptoms through her daily yoga practice. Yoga is not about competing and doing perfect poses, it's about strengthing the human body to fight disease, depression, maintain weight, focus and live in the present moment. Shannan lives a vegan and ayurvedic lifestyle which is reflected in her teachings. Shannan believes yoga should be accessible to everyone no matter where you come from or who you are. Shannon holds an Associate Degree in Music and Video Production and a BA in Liberal Arts. In 2012, Shannan will be working towards her 500 HR teaching certification in vinyasa flow and her BA in Ayurvedic Medicine. She is currently completeing continuing yoga education at the Jai Yoga Arts Teacher Apprenticeship Program.

Ilana Zaken a registered yoga teacher and certified Pilates instructor who was drawn to mind/body forms of movement after uncovering in herself the innate link between the condition of the body and the condition of the mind. Drawing from her background in music and theater as well as her passion for helping others, she encourages students to forge connections through their bodies through creative and intelligent exploration of their own abilities. Her classes are strongly inspired by the alignment principles of Pilates and the flowing motion of vinyasa yoga, as well as heavily focused on cultivating movement connected to breath. She is a Balanced Body certified Pilates instructor (PMA Member), a Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, an alumnus of Queens College, and is currently completing her RYT500 Hour at a Shiva Rea-affiliated program.