Our Style

Zen & Yoga's™ style combines a Vinyasa flow base with hatha, inspired by the Krishnamacharya lineage. Our therapeutic sequences flow together using the movement of breath and proper alignment of the body. A typical class includes pranayama, asana and a seated meditation. Classes are built around themes such as hip-opening, awakening the heart, twists and detox, etc. Themes change with each class and are as diverse as our remarkable teaching staff. The goal of every class is mind-body balance and bringing focus to the energetic centers along the spine. Breath collects energy and physical postures allow us to hold this energy in these power centers of the body. We use props such as blocks, straps and bolsters to customize your learning experience and to cater to each body's special needs. Each class winds down with relaxation, also called savasana. Savasana settles the energies of body and mind, merging and restoring them so you feel the benefit of your practice for the rest of the day. Finally, during seated meditation, the practitioner assimilates the art, wisdom, and beauty of the practice. This is a moment to create a mindfulness that can be carried outside to your daily life. Our trademark zen classes offer a distinct style and flow. In these sessions, qi-gong and tai-chi techniques are incorporated to optimize the flow of energy along the meridians, harmonizing the systems and elements of the body. A special zen relaxation and meditation practice concludes each of these classes.

Our Philosophy

Through the practice of pranayama, asana and meditation, we gradually learn that yoga helps to uncover the true self at the core of our being. Developing our core awakens our heart, revealing our compassion toward all beings and connecting us with our community. Ultimately the process opens our intuition and awareness of the divine, tapping into the energy, vitality and support of the universe. With time, we learn to relate to our world as one singular force, love. A personal meditation practice is highly recommended to recognize and embrace your true potential. In cultivating a zen state of mind, the individual begins to understand and acknowledge that happiness is actually more constant than the fluctuations we suffer in the material world. True freedom is available every day, every moment, ready to be tapped into by simply stopping and looking inward.

Our Studio